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Before eating anything in the morning drink a cup of hot boiled water with 1/2 slice or full slice lemon, sitting for 1hr and relaxing before my hectic day starts is the most recent thing that keeps me regular, then repeat at night before bed should be the last thing you have after eating, for me it's as though it soothes & relax's the intestines. I became gluten intolerant 22yrs ago the Drs had no idea what it was, they called it IBS I had endoscopy, colonoscopy they couldn't see any problem, I was on all meds going, constipated for 12wks once almost poisoned my system, at 25yrs I discovered I was gluten intolerant and just watching that alone reall helped the constipation leaps & bounds, but if I have to take meds for anything it totally messes my plumbing up, so lemon & hot water does the trick. I hope it works for all of you as it does for me, everyones body is different and sometimes we have to change the routine up because the body will become immune to it after a while.
Good luck

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I don't have a free lemon right now it very late at night, I have been ill like this for more than a year, I am going to give this a try with Lemon I have in a one of those little lemom juice containers, tomorrow I will get the real thing, food makes me ill, the pain is off the chart, this has taken over my life on every level I can speak off the dr's still can't find anything, so I just wait and suffer until my next appointment. thanks for your help. I will let you know if this works for me...Muriel in Colorado


Did the lemon and water work for u?


I'am 38yr old mother and I have the same problem. I can go sometimes 45 days or longer with out going to the bathroom. I have had every test done possible nothing they say I pass out all the time. My stomach looks like I'm about five to six months pregnant. I have a disable child and my mom has to help me all the time with him. I'm not sure what to even feel anymore. My life is so upside down for the last two years.

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