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I personally find Monster Rehab (Lemonade flavored) to be a cure-all for my headaches.

Note: If one can of Rehab doesn't do it for you, don't drink any more hoping to boost the effects! You'll likely make your headaches worse!

The reason I think it works is that it has lemon, coconut, ginseng, berries, and a ton of Vitamin B. on top of that, it provides a ton of Caffienne, which many people suggest to help with headaches.

Rehab WAS created to help treat hangovers, after all...

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You're deep into the corporations' scams, are you not..
Like anything from coca cola, don't ever drink this.


I'm pretty sure this only helps because you're addicted to caffeine.


I'm not addicted to caffeine, in fact I only have 1 cup of coffee in the morning (8oz) and then I drink water the rest of the day. My son had bought a Monster Rehab & a Coke one day- I had a migraine. He gave me the Lemon Tea Monster Rehab because I thought the carbonation would be too much. Anyways, I drank the MR & within about 30 mins the migraine was gone. I thought maybe this was a fluke- but I tried it again & it worked! So now when I have a migraine- usually once every couple of months- I drink a lemon tea Monster Rehab to get rid of it & it always works!

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