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Need help now!

So I read on here about ACV, I couldn't believe there was a way I could get rid of them without going to the doctors! However I have just put ACV onto a cotton ball and put it on the GW for about half an hour, however everywhere the vinegar has touched has turned white.. Is this normal? I also have quite a few GW inside of my Vagina, can I use ACV on them to? Any help would be much appreciated!!

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Yeah its normal you want it to turn white. Everything that turns white will scab up and fall off, ideally you want to get the actual warts white. If you rub in with the cotton or touch them too much when they are white the skin will peel off. Try to avoid that so you don't bleed everywhere.

Sista from anotha Mista

Hey, I've read that people soak a tampon in ACV and insert it. Ive had the acid treatment on the inside and outside...inside no pain, outside pain. You should look into that. Be careful though...burning/scaring can reduce your sensitivity. Good luck, Im right there with you. HPV/GW= 10yrs. I'm trying to ACV for the first time now. I am going to drink it once a day with water and apply to the wart I have. Fingers crossed!

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