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1. Mix sugar, clean water and isopropyl alcohol (91%+) or higher. Make sure there is more sugar than water so that you have a thick (quick-sand) type of mixture. As far as the alcohol mixing, it all depends on how much water and sugar you are mixing. These are my measurements that I use.

0.5 liter of water
0.1 liter of isopropyl alcohol (91%+)
And mix the sugar accordingly so that you have a quick sand effect.

2. Scrub your feet with this mixture for 5 minutes (in between toes too), to remove dead skin cells and any bacteria or fungus that might have developed.

3. Get a pot, rub Vicks (VapoRub) around the entire pot and pour water in it and boil it.

4. You want to soak your feet for TEN MINUTES in this pot when it's nearly warm-hot. If it's cool, it won't work too well.

5. Dry feet off well, and immediately apply Gold Bond Foot Powder all over feet and in between toes.

6. Do this process once per week, or if you have the time and patience, do this twice a week.

7. Keep in mind that in between time, please remember to wash your feet regularly in the shower with normal soap, dry off well and apply Gold Bond Foot Powder right afterwards.

8. Wear new shoes. And only wear your shoes when feet are clean, WITH Gold Bond Foot Powder on.

9. Always wear a fresh pair of socks.

Now your husband/wife can massage your feet without croaking :-D

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