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My 3 daughters have had head lice about 3 times this past school year..and a quick fix is dishwashing liquid! (At least till u get Rx or over the counter meds). Just mix about 1/3 cup of dish liquid into about a cup or 2 cup of water (depending on length of hair) apply to dry hair lather up really good,let it set for about 30 min...rinse and condition....and your all done! Works wonders!

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must not work wodners if your kids had it three times....just saying...

Melanie Fisher

Lol you can't blame the solution for reinfestations. If its a certain friend or sport sometimes those have to be eliminated before the child can be free of the problem.

Happy As Can Be!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just tried this and it WORKED!!!!!! the only thing I did diffrently was put a plastic bag on my hair so that way no air could get to it and kept the Dish soap on for 40 minutes instead of 30! This really got rid of everything the adult bugs and killed all the eggs too and my hair surprisingly has more body and volume now then if I used any shampoo! :)


Omg this works I also used a bag to cover my head and they are gone im also 38 weeks pregnant so I was able to use this because it's safe for me and baby

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