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I'm 14, and I find that some (and by some, I mean most) home remedies don't work. For my semi-oily skin, I've found a nice cure. First, wash your hands. Then wash your face gently with BODY SOAP or SHAMPOO, not hand soap, and DO NOT dry (try to use hot water, too). While your face is air drying, fill a cup with HOT water. Pour table salt in the cup. You know when you have enough when it almost makes you gag if you taste it (lol). It has to be REALLY salty. Next, squirt about a grape sized amount of tooth PASTE, the gel kind will NOT work, into a seperate cup.I can't stress enough how important it is not to use gel. If anything, gel makes it worse. Squeeze a grape-sized amount of acne cream (10% Benzoyl Peroxide, like Clearasil or similar) into that cup with the toothpaste. Aloe vera gel (what you put on sunburns) will help, but it isn't necessary. Next, pour about 5 tablespoons of the salt solution into the cup of pastes and mix well, breaking up and toothpaste or acne cream clumps. If you have a good moisturizer or lotion, add that too. This will make sure excess drying will not occur. If you don't put lotion in the solution, your face will dry out, flake, and peel. Add more toothpaste or more salt water depending on your taste for texture (some people don't like it as heavy). As you apply it around problem areas, you may feel a tingling feeling. This may become uncomfortable, but DO NOT wash it off. This is just the salt, mint, and peroxide working to help your skin. After the slight burning wears off, you will start to feel a tightening sensation. This is normal. You will know if it's dry when you make facial expressions and you feel it constricting your skin. Make sure to sleep in this overnight. Wash it off with the highest temperature water you can handle. Don't burn yourself, though. We don't need blisters and scorching. Your skin will feel refreshed. If you wanted to go out in the mixture with makeup, just wait until the solution is dry and don't use liquid foundations or concealers. Powders are fine. And remember, everyone's skin is different, so you may not see results. I don't recommend this for someone with dry or sensitive skin. I hope this helps :))))

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Does the tightening sensation stop after a while


In other words!!! burn your face!!! this is a bomb!!!!
Sulphuric acid will work??? better!!!...Please don't do it!!!

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