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Just like many of you, I was devastated when I found out I had HPV. It was around January in 2011. I was so upset and I felt my world come crashing down. Im a male, 22 of age and I have anal warts. Ive read many posts on here and it makes me feel better knowing were helping one another out. Ive gone to get tested for anything and everything after I found out. Im free of all STD's except of course HPV..... Ive gone to the Doctor's and had gotten them frozen off. It didnt hurt. Even if it did I didnt care, I wanted these unwanted guest off! I didnt see any fall off.... I couldnt tell even if they did. I have at lest seven or nine in my rectum. I also received a cream.... but on the cream itself it says for External Use only..... I dont understand why I was prescribed if my warts were internal... well atlest I think they are. It did not but sting for a bit and it didnt help ether. SO I just thought I'd wait it out..... I have a new partner and before we did anything sexual I told him falt out. He still wanted me and its been five months. We always use a condom! I would never NEVER want this to happen to him. Thats when I found this site. It made me so happy! I went out and bought All the vitamins I saw that others have posted. Garlic, D-3, Iron, Echinacea, Vitamin C and Tea Tree Oil. Ive been on these for a few weeks now, I deiced to take it slow and see if they fall off. But nothing. I will continue to take these everyday as well as eat healthier and exercise. A few days ago I just bought ACV. I just used it and it burned like hell! I put some on a cotton ball and placed it right on the area of the warts, It hurt so much I had to take it off. I put the Tea Tree Oil on asap and now Im sitting here and it just tingles. I will post tomorrow morning to see if there had been any change. Thank you all for the inspiration!

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How did that turn out for you? My outbreak happened about 5 days ago. I didn't think much of it when it started because I was drunk at the time and the next morning I had a cut on my right cheek. I assumed that I must have scraped it. I put some ointment on it and forgot about it until one night when I just started to have this itching sensation while I was sleeping. I eventually knocked out only to discover the next day that it had gotten bigger and little bumps were forming on my other cheek. At the moment I've been applying just peroxide. I know I have to go see a doctor to get something else but at the moment I don't have the means. Until then I am sticking with home remedies. I hope to hear back soon.


How did it go? Did it heal your warts??? I hope its not late for me. Let me know please.

LA guy

Because it is virus, so even eventually you get rid of the symptoms but the virus is still there. So, keep using condom with your lover.

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