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I have had nasty hives for 4 days and been prescribed piriton 4mg tds and prednisolone 50mg od. Although a little relieved after these meds, this website has been invaluable. I read lots of remedies and came up with this. A cool oatmeal bath with baking soda (just under a cup)soaked for about 15 mins. then patted dry a little but used hair dryer on cool setting directly on hives - instant relief. When the worst areas (today my legs) were dry I smoothered with vasaline. I now feel the most comfortable I do in 4 days. I am going to buy some zantac 75mg and try those too. I have been a fan of conventional medicine in the past ( I have asthma & home remedies just dont help that) but I am slowly being converted with home remedies for hives. They are by far the most insanely annoying thing Ive ever experiences. I have large bruises where i have scratched my skin so hard in my sleep. Thanks everyone for your help and advice. Take care

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For burising try Arnica ... it is known for speeding up healing of bruises

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