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A good remedy seems to be lime juice. Apply a little juice from a lime into each nostril; lie down for a few minutes. Apply once or twice daily. The congestion and the cold pass within 1-2 days, especially if you also drink lime juce.

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My mother told me that this was a very successful tactic used in Mexico I never believed it to be true until today. I had a severe sinus infection, but that went away with antibiotics but still had congestion that was horrible. Tried the limon juice and felt immediate relief. I'm going to be doing this until I feel no more pressure.... :)


Whoa! So, it's the middle of Summer & I've got a rotten cold that is SO much worse than anything I've ever had in the Winter. I'm blaming it on working in the 100 + degree heat outside & then going into the frigid cold A/C.
Saw this remedy using lime juice.
I already had Vicks Vap-o-Rub shmeared all around under my nose.
Went to the fridge, got a lime, cut it in 1/2, laid down on my bed, squeezed the juice of one 1/2 up one nostril and laid there waiting for it to work it's magic.
I guess that I was waiting for the lime juice to plow thru all of the backed up mucous & run down my throat.
But within 30 seconds I was sneezing like nobody's business & the mucous was flowing out like a river!


This doesn't work. All it does is burn like crazy.

One HAPPY Mama

My 10 year old daughter has horrible congestion from a sinus infection. She has been on an antibiotic for 2 days now and we've tried Vicks on the chest and feet, nasal decongestants (Benedryl) and even a saline nasal spray all to no avail. Desperate for a remedy, we came across this post. We had lime juice in the fridge and at this point had nothing to lose, so she tried it. The lime juice provided her IMMEDIATE relief! THANK YOU all for this posting. Our sweet baby girl is FINALLY going to be able to get some rest.


Take a empty bottle nasle spray and replace fluid with lime juice


I had severe sinus infection for 6 months. I was unable to breathe and sleep. No proper sleep was a big problem in recovery. I tried fresh lemon juice. One teaspoon was inhaled in one nostril after lying down. I waited for one minute with juice inside the sinuses. And then came heavy nasal discharge to clear the nasal passage. Then I repeated the same for the other nostril. It gave immediate relief. I repeated this procedure twice a day for 2 days. Now I can breathe. I can sleep well. There is no congestion. No sinus pressure. No headache. I am almost through with it.


I used both a actual lime and juice from a bottle (fake lime looking thing) and I used a q-tip and soaked it in both and it worked tremendously in several mins before bed. It doesn't sting that bad (13 yr old) but be sure to move it around in each nose to the point where u can snort some in and do it twice in each nostril. Thx so much for this I'll never forget it!


This works pretty good. Use a q tip and soak it with juice. Apply enough where you can taste it in Your mouth. Tangy discharge. I was addicted to Affrin and this helped keep me somewhat clear.


use a syringe (5-10ml capacity will do it) to drip a little bit down each nostril. lemon works too, but lime is far more effective.


I use it and so far it seems to clear my sinus!thx

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