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A good remedy seems to be lime juice. Apply a little juice from a lime into each nostril; lie down for a few minutes. Apply once or twice daily. The congestion and the cold pass within 1-2 days, especially if you also drink lime juce.

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This may be considered as immediate curing, but do not recommend after half a day of congestion and blowing your nose.....bad burning!!!!


Yeah after blowing your nose all day this thing burnsss but it works

A dude with a mohawk

it worked thanks I was miserable


I am really stuffed up and cant get to sleep! I just tried this and so far I feel some relief after just a few mins. It does indeed burn!


How Many drops of lime juice should I put in each nostril? I'm desperate! thanks


A nice way to avoid the burning is using qtips.

This works great. Many thanks.


Is lime juice from a bottle ok, and should it be room temperature or cool/cold? I'm desperate to try anything, with the exception of nasal sprays.


Will lemon juice work too


This really did work. I have some terrible sinus pressure from a cold and it's keeping me from even being able to lie down (i.e. rest and get better). I soaked a q-tip with lime juice (bottled) and stuck it up my nose then snorted hard. Did this on each side. Burning only lasted a second, and now the nasal passage is clear and there's even a little relief in the other sinus cavities that are giving me such a bad time! Thanks for the suggesting!

Banana in my nose pipe

Thank you all I am so desparate and miserable. I'm sure that I can endure the burning sensation, I just spent $17 dollars on a homeopathic nasal spray w/red pepper extract...burned like hell and didn't work...LOL! Trying this tonight!!!

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