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Zinc kills the nerve. There is an over the counter flu preventive medicine with loads of zinc in it. Put a lozenge in your mouth at bedtime. When you wake your toothache will be gone...for years.

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Sounds good, what was the name of the losenge?


Thank you Cindy!! I have had tooth pain for about 5 days, and today it was at it's max with NO relief, not even for a minute. The only thing that relieved the pain for about 30 seconds to 1 minute was holding cold water in my mouth. I have a high tolerance for pain; but I would have gladly given birth than to deal with this continuously! I read your post that Zinc kills the nerve, and said that is what I NEED. I bought Zinc 50 mg capsules and praying that it worked. I got back in my car and took 2 capsules (I didn't realize you're only supposed to take 1 per day), and was driving home praying that I had enough cold water to get me back home. As I was pulling into my subdivision, I got the last tiny drop of cold water, and felt the pain surge, and then all of a sudden the pain subsided!! The ZINC worked in 5 minutes! Again- thank you for your post.


I read this and I thought to myself... well.. I dont have any Zinc tablets readily availably but we did have some denture cream in the house, which does have Zinc in it. I put it on the affected area and after not too long (Im going to say.. less than 15 minutes) the pain was gone. Thank you!!!


Thank u Soooooooo much for posting this I was in pain non stop for about 6 days and I was just brought to tears by the severity of pain I was experiencing after reading this I went to the store got the zinc tablets and took it in about 30 minutes I wasn't in anymore pain!!! And this is say TWO and I'm still not experiencing any pain!! For anybody out there who has an exposed nerve definitely buy these zinc pills you WILL have soooo much relief!!!


what kind of zinc pills work best? is there really any deference?

kerri and reg

thank you after months of pain, as the jaw had been broken and the doctor took the wrong tooth during the op. the only fix was to operate to get the nerve and broken tooth, one Zinc tablet and two chewed butter methols, he cant beleive it. I read this a few week ago, wished he had of listened, before he finished the butter menthol the pain was gone.Thank you we will remember this and tell everyone.


Broke tooth a number of years ago but just this week it flared up so bad I could do nothing. So glad I found this one little post, one zinc lozenge and the pain was gone. Next morning no symptom, zero. Thanks for this help.


I have two bad teeth that just now started hurting at the same time!! Im going mad and burning through ibuprofin like crazy! I read these posts and immediately went to the store and bought zinc .. i popped the pill praying that it would help, unfortunately the pain seems to be worse with one of the teeth, throbbing. Im miserable, why isnt it working for me?


@ Jess> You may have an infection or an abcess. I Believe the Zinc only works with exposed nerves from what I understand. Your best bet may be to get to the ER or the dentist and get an antibiotic. Also, from reading this site, it seems that brushing with Sensodyne may ease the pain temporarorily... Hope this helps...


I just read the post because of severe toothache that about 3 or 4 weeks ago was an abscess resurfaced today. I took acetaminophen and ibuprofen for a subtle relief and woke up to even more pain I Google zinc and toothache because I've tried zinc for other issues and I happened upon this p post and packed the cavity with the zinc and the pain is almost totally gone. Thank you for this post

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