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I just want to say thank you to everyone here who recommended the clove oil for a dry socket! I am on my third day of a lowern molar extraction and the pain was getting soo bad I was in tears at work today, and I think my boss thought I was crazy.
I called my dentist but they couldnt see me again until tomorrow so when I woke again at 3am in horrible pain, with a golf ball sized knot in my jaw, and salt water rinses were no longer working I got up and drove to Walgreens. They did not have clove oil in stock but they did have the Red Cross toothache kit which contains a small bottle of what is essentially clove oil. I followed the instructions and it worked! The pain eased up almost instantly!
It tastes nasty to me, and my tongue got numb, but I will take that over the pain anytime! I just wanted everyone here to know it worked and thank you so much for all the advice!

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You are a life saver! I went to the store to find some clove oil like u suggested and all they had was the Red Cross first aid kit. I bought it, took it home and followed the instructions. I used only one cotton ball and it kinda got lost in my mouth. The immediate relief was HEAVEN! Ive never felt better! Thank you so much! I rinsed my mouth out to flush out the cotton ball. My advice for anyone trying the kit would be to use a cotton swab or gauze. The pellets they give u are tricky. I'd hate to think someone could lose a small pellet in their socket or something. Thanks again!


I used the clove oil in the red cross kit, and it worked, less than five minutes after the pain in my ear was almost gone....its almost like a numbing sensation....not completely gone.. but way better than it was....I HATE DRY SOCKET!

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