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S. T.

I've read through all the rememedies and found some to be hilarious, mis-guiding, and counter-productive.

I'm someone that's very, very allergic to chigger bites. I can have one and it will effect me enough to not sleep. Yes, just one. So you can imagine the agony when I have 20+.

I have tried Bendaryl, calamine lotion, chiggerex, mouthwash, toothpaste, alcohol, peroxide, oil, gasoline, bleach, nail polish, baking soda, and everything else everyone has mentioned here.

I then remembered hearing a story a long time ago about how certain soldiers would get horrible mosquito bites and would literally take the end of a cigarette and hold it close enough to burn the bite and it would stop the itching immediately and never return.

From that day on, any time I've gotten chigger bites, I've taken a lighter and gotten the end hot enough to burn the bite. Yes, it hurts if you have a low pain tolerance. But it does resolve the itching. You can then apply hydrocortizone cream to the area and sleep in peace and the itch will likely stay gone for good. A week later, any marks should be completely healed. Don't be an idiot and over-burn yourself. Just do it enough to where you know it'll kill the itching and don't do it so much that you give yourself a second-degree burn. If it blisters up a little bit, great. You've done the job.

A more extreme measure if you don't want to burn yourself to ease your torture is to take a sharp knife and stab the sharp end directly into the middle of the bite. This will draw blood but it will also scab the bite over the next day and the itching is gone. Just make sure the knife is sterile.

Again, I know everyone is different. I can certainly tolerate pain MUCH better than the itching the comes with chiggers.

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I stumbled on a better version of the Cigarette burn treatment. I'm also allergic to chiggers and find the itching intolerable. Since I was treating a wart on my finger I decided to trying to freeze the bite. I held the standard Cryogenic wart treatment tip against the bite for about 10 seconds and though it did burn some it resolved the itching virtually immediately. It took a while for the frozen spot to heal but I barely noticed it without the itching.


I think the cigarette burning and knife stabbing is a very irrational and irresponsible thing to do! You need help if you think it is ok to do this sort of stuff to your body for ANY reason, much less a chigger bite! You should talk with someone about such things as burning or stabbing yourself...for ANY reason!

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