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Im not submitting a remedy I'm merely here to state some facts. HPV has no cure and although you are getting rid of the warts congratulations on that. I'm a 38 yr old female who was duped into getting them by a man who knew he had them, got them from his cheating wife, had them burnt off, but didnt tell me until I showed signs of having them. Yes we used a condom, NO IT didnt protect. Im very depressed and tired all the time. Ive been ready all your comments and realized ive been sentenced to a lifetime of excrutiating pain. I dont have a high pain tolerance it makes me really sick. I dont know if i can do the acv and tree oil I just dont know and my so called friends dont give a shit either im alone in all this and if it wasnt for my son i dont think i would b here anymore.
I fell lost in a world of ignorance

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well my friend of 38, u are not alone I am 48 and the exzact thing recently happaned to me. I am so pissed off at my bf that i no longer let him touch me. He too knew he had this. I like u am devasted and got the first go found cleared with aldera however months later i just want to stay in bed yep theres another one and another one. I would not wish this on anyone. I know it doesnt help but u are not alone although I feel as I am too. I dont have healyh insurance either and extremley worried. Just now trying the acv.


Not that it will make it any better but im 22 i jumped in a relationship way too quick and like an idiot didnt use any kind of protection now i have herpes and warts and to make it worse my partner at the time was diagnosed with hiv and although i already got tested and came out negative a second time 3 months after my first negative test i still have to wait a whole year to be sure im negative. For the first girl youre going to be ok try to see the positive there is other ppl with worse diseases... Dont give up there us always a brighter side to everything you just have to look for it...


STDs like genital warts are not the end of the world. In fact something like 50% of the population has or had the wart causing virus hpv sometime in their lives. Also the saying that genital warts is incurable is still widely debated. They have found that many people's bodies have managed to clear itself of the virus. Also try to think about it like this, genital warts are, for the most part, harmless and will not affect your quality of life unless you let it. Now if you're too afraid to use the ACV (which works very well, but yes can hurt) there are many other treatments that aren't near as painful that many have had success with. So don't use a couple bumps between the legs as an excuse to feel sorry for yourself. In fact maybe try getting some help for your depression ok?


man up shit happens in life you can choose to let it destroy your life or get on with it and use some APV feel sick then the other shit the doctors use makes you feel worse. Have depression over it but wake up to yourself its not the end of the world could be alot worse like herpies fuck that youve gotten off light


you are not alone my friend, almost 2 yrs ago i started dating an old friend from highschool and after awhile we started sleeping together and used protection and after awhile we stopped because we were gonna try to get pregnant. well one night we were laying in bed after getting done having sex and he looked at me and said, i have to tell you something, of course thats something you never want to hear and he proceeded to tell me he had HPV. i didnt believe him at first i thought he was joking, but he wasnt. he had been diagnosed with it 2 years previous to us getting together had got the warts removed and never showed another symptom until a few days before he told me. i freaked out and started looking into it and immediately went and got tested. it came back negative at first. i probably should have left him for just being inconsiderate and not telling me from the beginning but i love him and plan on spending the rest of my life with him. when he has an outbreak we dont have sex and he gets them burned off or uses home remedies until he has no more symptoms. i still have not shown any symptoms but i do keep getting tested for safety measures. sure there is no cure for it but it could be alot worse of an STD, and it is actually more common than you may think. my best friend of 15 years just recently admitted to me that a few years ago she was diagnosed with it. the best thing you can do is just try and stay and remain healthy and seek treatment as soon as you start seeing warts or Any symptoms. stay strong and always remember you are NOT ALONE and there are others worse off! :/


The virus can eventually leave your body.
I had four years of 'abnormal' cells on my pap smears. Changed my diet, exercised more and started a much healthier lifestyle mentally.
I have had three years so far of healthy cervix, no abnormalities. I am here because I do still have 3 small warts on my labia. Picking up some acv today and getting started. But if you go holistic and cleanse your body (and mind) you can get rid of HPV.

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In all seriousness remember that most of the time this is a first world problem. What I am about to state is not intended to belittle your feelings or offend anyone. Some people are actually suffering from truly painful diseases that are in the end fatal. Our problem pales in comparison. Our problem is one of vanity. Keep some perspective. If you need some go visit a pediatric cancer ward. Having empathy for others has always helped me to stay positive when faced with a challenge. I hope it works for you too.


In March of 1987 I went to the local health department complaining of a single bump near my vaginal opening. I was told that it was nothing to worry about. A few months went by and more bumps appeared. I went to another doctor who told me that I had vaginal warts but did not give me any other information. He burned the warts with acid and told me it would take up to six treatments in his office to get rid of them at $120 per visit every two weeks. I went to four visits then could not afford to go again for two months. By then all of the warts had come back and were accompanied by several more. Over the years I have had them burned off several times and surgically removed twice. I have them again as I write this. I intend to try home remedies this time. On the bright side, I just married my soul mate four months ago. I told him about the hpv before we slept together. He has truly been worth the wait and I realize that the warts are not who I am. They will probably come back again and again but I am able to live a productive and fulfilling life in spite of them. I have had them for the most part of the last 26 years and I have survived. You will be okay. You can do this. I hope that the home remedy works but if it doesn't, I will just try something else.

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