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I suffered with bad teeth for years. Over the years one of my teeth started to chip away from eating. The nerve became exposed, and cause serious pain. I tried pain meds, olive clove, salt water, vanilla, cold compress, nothing worked. Until one day i finally found a quick cure! I know its nastey as ever, but the pain went away within a few seconds and lasted days! I went to the store and baught a box of BC POWDER packs and packed my tooth with the powder! Its only nastey for a few minutes the relief is sooo worth it.

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i've heard on another post that the acid in aspirin applied directly on the tooth will eat away your enamel, so probably better to dilute with water and swish it around? or find another cure.


Bc powder is awesome and wrks fast because it has caffeine in it and to the person that said it causes stomach bleeding eat before taking any aspirin products.. R U cld take Tylenol and cause liver damage. Not a had choice for me...

mrs hall

Well 1 thing I can say is that bc is the best thing 2 take because its the only thing that is going 2 kill the pain if u want quick relief like I wanted then apply it to the hole cavity or gum which eva 1 it leaves a awful taste in your mouth but it worth it it but to b honest. That is the best remedy!! Im feeling bettter!! :-)


I am a dentist. Do not place BC powder directly on a lesion, tooth or gums. It contains aspirin. Aspirin is an acid and can seriously damage the tissue. Look up pictures of aspirin burn if you are skeptical. Take BC powder and all medications AS DIRECTED.


BC works I put it on my gums and stuffed it in my cavity the pain stopped instantly

Tooth Fairy

I dont have insurance to get my tooth pulled so i am about to kill myself


I put bc powder in my mouth and swallowed in down. When the powder hit the problem tooth EXCRUCIATING pain. Hope the bloodstream delivery will have a different effect.


I put bc powder in my mouth and swallowed in down. When the powder hit the problem tooth EXCRUCIATING pain. Hope the bloodstream delivery will have a different effect.

Rachel King

I've had a cracked molar with the nerve exposed. So until I could get to the dentist I did the following. Some worked better then others. For getting rid of bacteria which will help the pain go away.

1. The best thing that works is ANTIBIOTICS. If you can get your regular doctor to call you some in until you can see a dentist. The dentist will make you take them anyway, you will be getting a head start. The sooner you kill the infection the sooner you will be out of pain.

2. Use Regular HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (The kind you put on scrapes) and swish in your mouth as long as you can take it , don't gargle. It may turn your gums white, but it goes away quickly. This helps kill the germs and helps with most tooth pain.

3. Take BC Powder and place it directly on the area where the pain is. It taste disgusting, but works. Let it sit for a few minutes then take room temperature water swish and swallow.

4.Lightly brush the area with BAKING SODA and water.

5 After every meal rinse your mouth out with warm salt water. This will help you from getting even more infected.

Numbing solutions

1. The best one I've ever used was CLOVE, TEA TREE or PEPPERMINT OIL directly on the tooth. CLOVE OIL was the most effective. Warning the more you use it the worse it burns when you first put it on. It will number your tooth and take away the pain! Even after the area is not number anymore the pain stays away for about 6 hours.

2. Use Ora-gel or Ambasal gel maximum stregnth.

All of these methods have helped me with very bad tooth pain that needs either to be pulled or a root canal.


Liquid Advil works the best I have a very low tolerance for pain pill 1/2 loritab 5 knocks me out, and my tooth hurt so bad I took a Percocet 10 and I was still crying from the pain so I heard to use liquid Advil poke a hole in it and squeeze the liquid in the hole of ur tooth and it was seconds and the pain was gone!! It's the best remedy ever!! Plus start an antibiotic right away too! Oh and original listerine only all other mouth washes contain sugars!!

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