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I suffered with bad teeth for years. Over the years one of my teeth started to chip away from eating. The nerve became exposed, and cause serious pain. I tried pain meds, olive clove, salt water, vanilla, cold compress, nothing worked. Until one day i finally found a quick cure! I know its nastey as ever, but the pain went away within a few seconds and lasted days! I went to the store and baught a box of BC POWDER packs and packed my tooth with the powder! Its only nastey for a few minutes the relief is sooo worth it.

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What is a BC Powder pack? I am having a serious toothache with my tooth.Lasting almost 2 months(needs a root canal) but can not be seen for another month or so by a dentist..TIA


I just thought i would leave you a comment about the BC Powder. It worked for my sister. Thanks very much for that one. Pretty much the same thing happened to her an we tried your way an it worked. Thanks again


what the heck is BC POWDER? this question was never answered.


Bc powder can be found at any drug store. It is basically powdered aspirin. The fastest headache relief on the market!

amar indreams

it causes bleeding stomach ulcer


Do u just mix the bc powder till thick and pack in your tooth?


I read another post that you can crush two asprin with spoons until powder (same as bc powder). From what I read in the other post you pack the dry powder in the cavity. I will be heading to get some to try! Can't have mine taken care of until Monday and it has been killing me since last week! Nothing helps, not the Norco's prescribed by the doctor. Motrin helps best as well as ice packs. Is rather give birth than have a toothache!!


I have had a toothache for a few days now and i was in so much pain this morning i didn't know what to do, i had a headache on top of that and when i have a headache i take a BC pack. So i decided i would try the BC around my tooth. It did not work at all.


I have BC Powder lying around because you can add water to it and use it as a mask for acne...
My tooth is broken and the nerve is exposed. I put on a paste of BC Powder and it didn't work for about fifteen minutes. But now, I am feeling a LOT less pain. Who knew BC Powder had so many uses?

The only thing I am worried about it how often you can reapply it.


i have tried lots of these home remedies.. the bc powder works pretty good.. i wet my finger and scooped the bc powder on my finger and made a paste.. coated it around my tooth.. i have a tooth tht has a cavity and is broken.. this eased the pain some.. i have also found tht takin a pms pill helps wonders..

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