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I cured my nail fungus of many years in one day! Vicks vaporous rub made my nail fall off the next day and I cleaned it out as best I could when if fell off and when it grew back I never had it again

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Im wondering how much to use?


I saw this recommended on Dr Oz. He said to saturate it.


Soo you just put vicks vapor rub on your toe nails?? I need to do this


Saturate it? So like put a ton of vicks on it?


How long do you leave the Vicks on your toenail?


I would put it on after you shower & cover w/a bandaide to ensure that it stays on & saturates the whole nail. I wouldnt remove it until you shower the next day.


So what do I
clean it with?

Carol K.

I saturate my nails with the Vaporub (generic brand at dollar stores do just as well), then use the clear disposable gloves on my feet that you have seen people use in food preparation and left them on overnight. (These disposal gloves can also be obtained from a home improvement store or beauty supply store too.) The 'thumb' of the glove will fit over the big toe and each and every toe will go in the other 'fingers'. This helps to ensure a good coverage of the Vaporub and I find that the gloves do not come off your feet at night. It also helps keep your sheets/bedcovers from being greasy too!
I don't know yet how well this treatment really works because I have been doing it that long. But, if Dr. Oz says it will help, I willing to give it a good try because it makes sense.


Now what do I do about my shoes &, OH DEAR, my favorite slippers?


Linda, you can buy spray like the kind that bowling alleys and skating rinks use to disinfect the insides of bowling shoes and skates they rent.
I have some called 'Shumigator Shoe Spray', also called Tineacide, manufactured by Blaine Labs, Inc. Santa Fe Springs CA.
Its active ingredient is Undecylenic acid 5%.
Stores that sell athletic shoes may carry it.

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