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Sharon Finn

My granddaughter was sent home from school yesterday with head lice. I got on the home remedy for lice treatment and made the shampoo submitted by Sandy 7.4.2010. Medium infestation recipe. 2oz tea tree oil, dawn dishwashing soap and 4oz white vinegar. I used this and it smelled very strong, but went ahead anyway. As i started washing her hair, she began to scream of burning and the fumes began to fill the room. She screamed and jumped uncontrollably. I rinsed her hair and rewashed with her reg shampoo and she continued to scream running through the house. Her skin was turning bright red and my husband and I realized it was indeed burning. She was screaming she was on fire!!! We washed her, put lotion on her skin, solorcain, and nothing would stop it. She was screaming Why did you do this to me Nana!!! We were about to take her to the hospital when we got our aloa plant and applied that. It began to sooth her skin and she stopped crying. I will never forget it. Our whole house smelled of the toxic fumes. My eyes and throat burned as did everyones in the house!When inspecting the bottle of tea tree oil, with a magnifying glass, it said, do not use on animal or children, flammible. I am writin this because I noticed alot of the remedies have tea tree oil in them..... STOP using this it is very dangerous. I should of used just the vinegar or nix shampoo. I don't know if my 5yr old grandaughters screams will ever leave my memory!!!!

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Unfortunately you didn't use the tea tree oil correctly. If you used it straight from the bottle then you must dilute it. It is better to buy a shampoo with tea tree oil in it, and do not mix tea tree oil with vinegar. They are both treatments for lice, and they both work. But only one of the two is necessary.


Tea tree oil should always be diluted, but I can almost guarantee you what caused the burning was the vinegar. It burns and leaves us looking sunburned for a little bit. However, it works and is not a long term burn. Don't use both together. Tea tree oil is healthy for so many things. Don't tell people not to use it. Just be informed. Dilute!!


Yes tea tree oil does work i put a teaspoon of it in a bottle of shampoo use it twice a week after u get rid of the lice and if u use it every week it keeps them from returning!!!! I've never had a problem since


I agree that it's the vinegar that was burning and not the tea tree oil. Yes, tea tree oil should be diluted - ALL essential oils should be. If you put the tea tree oil in that much dish soap it was plenty diluted but vinegar...ouch! I know because it burns my head if there are any kind of abrasions - if you have lice, you have sores from scratching. And if its gonna make a grown woman nearly cry, it will certainly do that to a child. Think alcohol - burns terribly on cuts and scrapes and that's why most parents won't use it that way anymore. It's the same pain!

The smell (toxic fumes you called it) was probably the tea tree oil as it is VERY STRONG, very medicinal! Most people don't like it all. But it's a very good thing to have and use for all kinds of things. The small print may have had cautions but just look at the precautions on the OTC meds - they're so poisonous that you can only use them every 10 days!

I could go on and on about medicines, poisons, household cleaners but I wont since this is just to reassure you that you didn't do anything wrong. I'm sorry your granddaughter and you were so traumatized but please don't feel bad or guilty!


Oh my goodness, shame! I know exactly what your granddaughter went through! And I can only imagine the pain you felt! But please dont feel bad, you were using a home remedy. I used something over the counter which was recommended by a chemist. The name, unfortunately, I do not recall because I was so traumitized!Cal something! I applied it and only had it on for 5 minutes when my head turned into a flaming inferno!and it felt like my scalp was being burnt right off! The bottle said it should be on for 30 minutes! No ways! I had an allergic reation, perhaps your granddaughter had the same? We rushed off to emergency and they ran icy water over my head for 20 mins, the pain was excruiating! i could not even feel the ice water! Even after the water, it took 2 hours for what then turned into stinging to subside.Please dont feel bad, it seems she had a reaction. I am so sorry, i know what it feels like.


As far as the use of tea tree oil there is a shampoo its regis tea tree shampoo that can be used instead of the oil itself also mayo in the hair works really well and its also healthy for hair just takes a couple washes to get the oily stuff out


I found this on here a nd made some up for my nieces and nephews and it really worked but we are having trouble getting the eggs out but it killed them very well thanks for the tip


I ues tea tree oil all the time and right out of the bottle and I have never had a burn from it

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