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This may sound strange, but it works. I have been suffering a toothache straight for two days and nights. Then I remembered something I learned years ago. First, rinse the area with hydrogen peroxide, or peroxyl. Then, even though this will cause pain, brush teeth to remove all debris, then rinse with warm water. Last step, take a q-tip and dip into Vicks vapor rub(not the white cream but
the clear ointment) fill tooth and surrounding area with this. Wait about 5 minutes and the pain should subside.

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thanks it worked a bit and my grandma also told me to do this!!!


OMG is really works. My kids think it's funny and I'm crazy but it really works. Thank you for me the pain stopped almost right away. THANK YOU.


I just tried it n it really works thanks becuz I was hving sleepless nites


This really work OMG!!! My husband think its the most weird thing he's ever heard!!!


Does this really work? isn't it harmful? Need relief bad just worried if it will harm you.


It really works. Thanks!


Im worried this is harmful as well. Obviously it could be swallowed. I am very curious and want to try it but scared. But the amount of pain I am in is killing me!


Whats a q tip?


This worked for me!!! I placed a tiny mirco dab rubbed on my gum above my aching upper tooth and this worked instantly. I even put a tiny dot in each of my nostrils since teeth pain/gums/sinuses are all connected and I can breathe good and can now bite down without pain. you don't need alot,just a tiny dot on end of qtip.


continued... I mean a dab of the vicks Vapor Rub! I am still very thrilled I can bite down now!! Tooth is still sensitive but the pain is gone.

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