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lice freak :p

My family all had lice about a month ago well we got rid of it with OTC RID. But it keeps coming back. So we tried a bunch a different things!Everybody said put mayo in your hair which makes me barf,I was NOT putting mayo in my hair.. So,this works like a charm: OTC RID only works if you leave it in overnight. So put it this way I put otc rid in all my family heads then put a cheap shower cap over each of our heads while we had the shower caps on our heads I sprayed everything that could not be washed.. I stripped the kids blankets and my blankets and everything. But I can give you advice do not wash everything and waste your time just stick it in the dryer (lice hate heat). In the morning wash it out then use your dishsoap as conditioner when you wash the OTC RID out.
* Never bring a friend home that is scarting at their head.*
Hope this works!! :)

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BEWARE-RID is a pesticide. So you will be sleeping with a pesticide on your head all night long. Your body will adsorb that through your scalp.

caring mother

leaving rid otc longer than the recommended can cause serious health problems. the longer it sits on the scalp the more poison seeks into your blood...can cause seizures


OMG NO! RID is a chemical pestacide (poison) Long over exposure to the chemicals can be harmful to your children. You should follow the directions on the box. The most important thing in dealing with head lice is the removal of all nits in the affected hair, AND washing of all bed linin, in HOT water, (and if they have stuffed animals, you can either wash them in hot water or bag them up in a trash bag and place in direct sunlight, or somewhere the temperature is likely to be very high for approx 7 to ten days to ensure all louse and nits are dead. ) It is also recommended that treatments only be used on the first day and the 10th day. More than that will be an over exposure to the pesticides. (that and leaving it in the childs hair for longer then 20 minutes. The scalp is very porous and can absorb a substantial amount of those chemicals over such a long time. )


Mayo is edible. RID contains toxins. Try a diluted apple cider vinegar and olive oil if mayo is too vulgar.


Try gasoline, I'm sure it will be fine on your kids scalp overnight too... Oh wait, that might be too manley not gross. Whats gross is morons that leave pesticides on their kids hair overnight and then stereotype others kids to the point of seclusion. Get a life or at least for your kids...

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