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Take two 500mg capsules of Vitex (chasteberry) with breakfast or lunch. This also helps with ovulation if you are not ovulating regularly. Results can happen as early as 10 days.

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Are you to do this everyday or just while you are on your period?


When are you suposed to take this pill while you are on your period or suposed to start. starting my period is the problem


where can i find vitex? please email me at thank you :)


You can find Vitex at any healthfood store (I buy it at GNC.) It works best when taken regularly for an extended period of time. Take it every day (on and off your period), and STOP TAKING IT IF YOU MISS A PERIOD. It stimulates hormone production, and if you miss a period because of pregnancy, extra hormones can be very dangerous.

As for the person that said they had a discharge that was green, and not red, GO SEE A DOCTOR. That can be a sign of a serious infection, and you need to address it. ASAP.

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