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Hey so I'm 19 and I have been suffering from a terrible reoccurring yeast infection for over a year and it takes over my life when it comes back. I have read almost everything everyone has posted on this website and I've tried almost all of it. Tea Tree Oil cured my first one with little effort at all but as time has gone on each one has been harder to kill than the last. On my latest one that started this past saturday with just a small tickle (today is wednesday) and now is full blown (red ichty inflammation, huge amounts of discharge) and now I'm trying apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, coconut oil, garlic (which I've had up there since sunday changing it every 6-8 hours), and it still isn't working 4 days later. Everyone here has been so helpful! I am going to keep going on the track. I also have added something new to my yeast infection defense. I make this 'soup' with hot water, apple cider vinegar, and salt. Right before I shower I dip a rag in then hold it against the irritated area. I hold it there basically until I can't stand it anymore. It hurts more than anything I could ever describe. My next move will be to try hydrogen peroxide. I've read a lot about it and it hopefully will work. I'm scared to douche down there so I'm going to try to find another way to have it help! Thank you again everyone who have posted their stories they all help someone like me who's trying to fend for themselves against our common enemy.

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Hey I read that you have tried so many different things but honestly those only work when the yeast infection is only a small itch. you need to see a gynocologist before you destroy your vaginal area. stop trying so many remedies mixed together and go to the doctor if its that bad. I had a recurring yeast infection because my gynocologist said the bacteria i had was probably too acidic so i should fix my diet. please get professional help and stop experimenting with your body.


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you should probably just take a PRObiotic. I get mine from Trader Joes its Acidophilus & Probiotic complex.. im sure they have something exact, or similar at your local health food store.. they are natural pills from what I believe, but what it is, is the GOOD bacteria that we need to help our immune system fight off the extra bad bacteria.

Antibiotic = bad bacteria
Probiotic = good bacteria


If you are consuming large amounts of fatty foods in your diet then this can cause more yeast infections. Eat lots of yogart. Yogart probiotic are a way to fight yeast. Other than yogart steer away from dairy when having yeast as it causes it to grow even more. Best ever douche is to purchase a douche bulb. use bottled water or tap, then use 2 tablespoons of baking soda. this will dry the yeat up and will end your yeast issues. I use to get them often when i was younger GYN said just purchase a douche bulb and do as i mentioned and eat yogart. I had no more issues with it and if it ever occured again I did as my GYN said to do and I was rid of it for good without expensive medication.


Definitely go to a dr if they are as bad as you describe. Healthy = flora (yeast) + fauna (bacteria). In 5 yrs ago I thought I had a yeast infection and I tried like 3 boxes of OTC treatments. When I finally went to the Dr she said I had a bacterial infection not yeast ad by killing off even more yeast I was making it worse! It sounds like you are in a similar boat. I very much recommend seeing a dr, as extreme cases of both infections can effect your long term health and fertility!


hi, im 19 too and what i do is put a little which hazel on a cotton ball,it help soothe the irratation but dnt let apply it inside because yeast is produced when ur bodys ph scale is off balance, the diff chemicals u use may be creating more teast and u dnt want that. umm but when you apply the cotton ball with te witch hazel only apply to ur inner lips or where the irrated area.


please get checked by the doctor this happened to me when i was 18 i went on with it and suffered as it sounds your doing. i finally broke down and went to the doctor. it turns out i have type one diabetes and my blood sugars where dangerously high once i got them under control and took some antibiotics with cream they went away. get a check up to make sure every things running good with your health.


Okay I usually have bladder infections, but I have suffered through a yeast infection. I am a bit young so I will probably wont put vinegar down there, but if you are scared of douching (me too)just get a squirt bottle filled with warm water. If you really want make that soup you talked about and put it in the bottle. That should help clean the area.


Please, before you try ANYTHING else, please go to the doctor and have your blood sugar checked. Frequent,recurring yeast infections are often a symptom of diabetes. IF that is your problem, your yeast infections won't clear up until your blood sugar levels are lowered!

E. ;)

If you are scared to douch, there is an alternative; fill a shallow bath(about to the hip)with warm water, then do one of the following:

1 add salt (about 1/2 cup) to match the body's natural saline state.

2 add vinigar (about 1/2 cup) to help rebalance the vaginal pH to 4.5.
then, sit in water,knees apart, until water gets cool. The bath will do the cleansing.

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