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Prolonged angry masturbation seems to work nicely

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omg i could`t stop laughing but i wonder if it works?


Best ever.


It's a miracle!! I'm cured!


I don't think this idea is bad at all because I know for a fact, from personal experience, that sex relieves a headache and a cold so go for it. I'm just not sure about masturbation but its pretty much the same thing!


Be careful with this remedy. I am a long-time headache sufferer, and masturbation or sex does make my headaches go away completely.. but only during the act. This is probably because of endorphin release. However, the endorphins are short-lived.. My headaches always come back much much worse as soon as I'm done having fun... ;)


Chelsea, ill meet you on round two ;)

Denise G.

OMG l was just about to say something similar. But multiple orgasm have always helped me. Not trying to be vulgar rude or a prude. Or at least you will forget about it for awhile sorry mom

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