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Prolonged angry masturbation seems to work nicely

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Jegan Singh

You mad? You are one brainless piece of wood and I think your head has been crushed by a door.


Really now, how ridiculous!!!! I think your headache is making you confused. We are referring to the head between the shoulders not between your legs.


lol why not. There are all sorts of remedies after all.


Well then can someone come and watch me,


Actually, this theory is not all that far fetched. It has been suggested that the endorphins released during sex do help relieve headaches. So, the common female excuse to refrain from sex because of a headache will need to be reexamined and another lame excuse made up. This is coming from a gay guy, so there is no bitterness involved, just something else I've come across while attempting to find more non OTC ways to relieve headaches.


I have actually tried this. depending on the extent of my headaches it actually works. I guess I better get to working lol


LMAO!!! Angry vigorous masterbation is a cure all. So is hate sex.

Sydney :)

I love whoever posted this. The laughter from reading this suggestion rid my headache instantly... but then I read the comments and it came right back. I highly doubt this was supposed to be taken seriously, despite masturbation being a REAL remedy for headaches... but seriously, I hi-5 the person behind such epicness.


My sides are hurting from laughing so hard.

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