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I think I found the best remedy so far, even faster and better than Apple Cider Vinegar. I discovered it by accident, actually, and it's something that most of people would be afraid to actually try, but i know some of you people will be willing to try it. It's LSD, people, LSD works like a miracle with genital warts from HPV.

I was in day 6-8 of my treatment with ACV and was finding the process too slow and painful, but decided to keep going because hey, that's better than nothing, right? Anyway, I ate this LSD-thingy (I don't know how you call it in english, it's a little square of paper with the acid in it, and you put it in your tongue until it dissolves) the other day and just in the middle of my trip I discovered that the warts were gone. All of them. Suddenly there was no itching and the warts were getting cauterized-like, some of them even getting imperceptible from the rest of the skin, just gone like they were never there. It was in hour 4 or 5 of my acid trip when I noticed it and couldn't believe it.
But I'm writing you this the day after that and guess what? it wasn't an hallucination, they are really gone. I itch no more, people.
Anyway, It might have been the type of acid (it was sold to me as a 'fractal') but still, if some of you are willing to try it, be sure to share your experience. I for one am thankful.

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Well I believe it could be that it's not the medical effect of the substance itself that cures but more kind of inner stance. I've heard that warts are as well consisting because of a bad state of psychosomatic affairs. Maybe the acid triggered sth that made your immunesystem combating?

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