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I think I found the best remedy so far, even faster and better than Apple Cider Vinegar. I discovered it by accident, actually, and it's something that most of people would be afraid to actually try, but i know some of you people will be willing to try it. It's LSD, people, LSD works like a miracle with genital warts from HPV.

I was in day 6-8 of my treatment with ACV and was finding the process too slow and painful, but decided to keep going because hey, that's better than nothing, right? Anyway, I ate this LSD-thingy (I don't know how you call it in english, it's a little square of paper with the acid in it, and you put it in your tongue until it dissolves) the other day and just in the middle of my trip I discovered that the warts were gone. All of them. Suddenly there was no itching and the warts were getting cauterized-like, some of them even getting imperceptible from the rest of the skin, just gone like they were never there. It was in hour 4 or 5 of my acid trip when I noticed it and couldn't believe it.
But I'm writing you this the day after that and guess what? it wasn't an hallucination, they are really gone. I itch no more, people.
Anyway, It might have been the type of acid (it was sold to me as a 'fractal') but still, if some of you are willing to try it, be sure to share your experience. I for one am thankful.

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What you have got to be kidding me!?


Well I haven't had acid since College. I'm 49 where the heck to I find it LSD .


well im gonna be taking a shitload of acid pretty fucking soon then. acid cured my depression and anxiety.. why not warts too!


Where do i get this acid from ? Anyonr know ?


Not just any acod will work. Ive done it and yet they still persist. I only have four but the fuckin suck. Havent had sex in months. One is on my lower stomach!!


Honestly. I just got back from EDC Vegas (music festival). I've had warts come and go for a few years now. I use clondylox gel (Rx) and works great. They haven't been around in a longt time, pretty sure parallels with how healthy I am living. ANYWAY.

This is TRUE. It's laughable-amazing-I want to call a doctor and tel him. I took 3 hits of acid Sunday night. Woke up Monday at 10am after Ana amazing night. And poof. NOTHING. No marks. Just all gone. Insane.


WARNING!!!: You can have terrible, aweful, nightmare-ish trips!! Not all trips are sunshine and rainbows!!!


Have been suffering from recurring small warts for 8 months. Use TTO or ACV and they burn off but then come back. I took an acid tab only a few weeks ago, it was an 8 hour trip or so, next day noticed they were in fact worse. Any sort of substance abuse will make the warts worse as it inhibits your immune system.
I always notice it gets worse after drinking, smoking any substance, and a range of other drugs including LSD.


As much as I love LSD, it has NOT cured my GW's... I dropped around 20 hits of pure LSD from London in the past few months and hey are still there, so I must call bullshit on this one...


i had 2 warts, not genital, one on my finger and one on my knee, i had had them cut and frozen off several times but they always came back. after i tried mushrooms and acid in the same weekend, i just pulled them off and they haven't been back in months

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