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I had a sudden on set of toothache after a couple of weeks of me finding that my lower left tooth hurt when biting. I thought nothing of it until the severe pain at night and did not sleep for more than a couple of hours. I suffered for the weekend, then went to see the dentist on Monday. He did an Xray etc and told me that it is dying nerves within the tooth. I could either have a root canal surgery or extraction. I am still mulling over what to do. BUT I am not suffering in pain, this is because I have found an excellent pain relief. Clove! Just take the clove or two and place it between you cheek and the gum, you will see it working within 15 minutes at the most, guaranteed! I suffered with pain until I took this and I am totally amazed how effective it is. Before this I was taking lots of Paracematol/Ibupofin etc nothing did it for me.
The clove is great because you can keep it in the mouth and carry on with your day AND leave it in your mouth when you go to sleep - thats when the pain will trike you more! Why? Because as I was told by the dentist when you lie down the blood pressure increases in the tooth and you will experience more pain. I can vouch for this when at night I was in so much pain I got up to brush my teeth (softly) to massage the gums. This also helped along with me not lying down as the pain went away temporarily. After lying down it started again. Now that I have the clove relief and found it to be the most effective - gets rid of 99% of the pain. I thought I will share it with everyone as it really is amazing.....
Give me a bit more time to think about what to do about the tooth...and how I need to care for my teeth - they are all there at the moment...lets see. Best of luck!

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Did you have the extraction after that?


Where can I get Clove from?


Is mouthwash good to help the pain go away cause right know my tooth has such a huge pain &'d i can't stand it ! Does mouthwash help the tooth pain go away I need a answer right away ?

Mr. J

Hey. I HAVE BEEN IN PAIN FOR A FEW DAYS now and only managed to sleep two hours last night. I just stumbled over this remedy about four hours ago, tried it and THANK THE HEAVENS... IT WORKED! A peice of clove is the way to go!


i had a root canal approx. 3 weeks ago, all of a sudden i am having lower jaw/tooth pain again, i dread going back to dentist for now due also to busy schedule. i just tried clove, and it woke!! i actually didn't have whole cloves instead ground cloves and it still helped the pain. now i am making thyme tea which thyme helps heal infections. thanks for the advice on clove.


clove oil can be found at drug stores behind the counter it works just as cloves them selves


I was a little skeptical but tried it and it seems to have helped. I just loaded up a piece of chewed double mint gum with crushed clove. Actually doesn't taste too terrible either. I don't feel like I have a new tooth but it definitely feels better than it was

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