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Okay this remedy takes a couple bucks but I saw a big difference. The stuff you will need is called Biore. First you get the face cleanser it can be warming or cooling, ( ive used both and i saw more difference with warming)you then also buy the biore nose and chin strips or if its in other places they have the face strips for everywhere. When you use the face wash you have to make sure your hands are washed, and the water is warm to hot. then you take a coin size amount in your palm and scrub an even amount on wet face in effected areas. let it sit, then after a couple minutes you wet hands and massage the wash around the areas. After that rinse your face dry hands and leave face wet. take a strip and make sure affected are wet apply sticky side to affected areas and wet strip after its on and then let it sit until its hard. Remove the strip rinse face and see the evidence on the strip. You 2-3 a week and see amazing difference!!

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If anyone uses this method please write me and tell me how it works!!!!!!!!!!!(: I wish you all the best of luck!!!!!<3


I used to use the strips for my nose. At first they worked wonderfully but after time became less effective. Now the strips only remove blackheads from the sides of my nostrils and not the top of my nose. You should at least give them a try. I think they work differently for everyone.


Try the wash and the strips together maybe that will help you!!!! I hope it works=)


Again with the apples! I've been doing that each year since I read Acne Free in 3 days. One diereffnce is I make sure I'm not reabsorbing each night what is being cleansed, but I noticed that step was ommitted in your cleanse, although I'm sure that makes many happy. The more I did the apple cleanse, the less of an improvement I have seen. The 1st time it was great, but I was also in the middle of an extended fast of basically all food lacking nutritional value.

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