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Dab Tea Tree Oil on it several times a day. Works very good!!

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I tried Tee Tree Oil because it has worked great for other things like athletes feet and ear infections but it didn't seem to work for the cold sore


I was already in the 'blister' stage when, before bed, I cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, put tea tree oil on the blisters, and covered it with a small band-aid. I couldn't believe how fast I was starting to heal the next morning. The next night, I used Neosporin, with a band-aid, to heal the scab and plenty of chapstick.


This is my first try with the tea tree oil. Dried them up faster than anything I've tried. I used it full strength with a q-tip (although it recommends you don't use full strength on face?). After showering and washing the area real well to get off the dead skin, etc. dabbed again plus covered them with some aloe vera from the garden. Fingers are crossed that they will be completely gone sooner, instead of the long painful like usual. at least being a girl, I can wear make up to cover them a bit (Alexandra de Markoff - excellent long lasting coverage).


I've been trying the Tee Tree Oil now for a day and a half, but it's just dry and itchy and irritating too me. Should I pull the skin off it? my mom say's not to because It will scar but I don't really care about scars, got a lot of them anyway. Well, not sure if it works, i'm scared to use rubbing alcohol, might burn!!!

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