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Garlic! Sounds odd i know. But I put 4-5 cloves in my dogs food 2-3 times a week and all the little blood suckers stay away from him. (May want to ajust according to your pets weight) i have a 95 pound german shepard. Before i started this I was find tons on not only my dog but myself and my kids, since I started this no one has found a single one. Even the mosquitos stay away.

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Garlic is poisonous to dogs. Thankfully your German is a large dog and you are not giving him enough to kill him. However, this much garlic could kill a smaller dog or cat, although it would be difficult to get a cat to eat that much garlic since they're usually smarter than that.


Garlic works great. A dog would need to ingest an awful lot of garlic/onions/shallots to be poisoned.

One clove per day will not harm any, even the smallest, of sogs


Garlic is poisonous to dogs and cats! I understand wanting to find a natural remedy, but do your research first! Garlic and onions kills the red blood cells of dogs and causes anemia. You don't want to 'poison' your pets with chemicals, but garlic is just as damaging!


Oh yes! Garlic works wonders for fleas and ticks. I've done this for at least 16 + years! I had a pikegnese who I treated with garlic from birth til his death last year. He would be 17 now and the vet says he was one of the healthiest dogs he's ever treated! He lived a very happy long life.
You can't always Beleive what ' vets tell you.' supposedly chocolates not good for them either right? Funny I have a mastiff who expects a candy bar EVERYTIME he goes to the store! He's been that way since he was a puppy and he's now 10!!! Soooooo....... Not everything you hear is legit! Keep up the garlic regimen it's all natural and works great! If its good for our hearts then it's gotta be good for theirs right?!?!

Berma S

What are small sogs?


I've always given Garlic to my dogs for fleas and it hasn't ever hurt them. Now on the other had I don't have any fleas either


u are slowly killing ur dog!


im dying! ...of laughter! Garlic and chocolate both are suppose to be bad for dogs but I havent seen any probs from my Chihuahua after he eats a pork chop covered in garlic salt. and he is 10 now and is as young as ever!

I expect him to live another 8-10 years. just has a little problem with fleas (as is the reason I came to this site).

i just had to comment on this threat. hilarious! some dogs can eat chocolate and garlic like no other, just like some humans can eat peanuts and some cant.

i had a friend who had a lab that lived 19 years. this thing had a bent back and always looked sideways, had mange, had worms, the whole nine! but thats because he was really really old. was also blind. yet still ate chocolate! lol.

these dangerous myths are just keeping dogs from enjoying chocolate. its a human excuse (probably invented by a woman) to keep all the chocolate for yourself and not share with the dog.
'i would give you some but i cant. its bad for you. now let me finish watching oprah - nom nom nom'


Garlic never hurt my dog or cat!


How much garlic for a can of dogfood?

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