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I found out that i had GH about a yr ago because i had my first outbreak. It scared the death out of me because i had no idea want was goin on an findin out i couldn't help but cry cuz i felt so nasty an disgusted an the fact there no cure but now im dealin with it. An it seem mayb every 3 mths or when i really got stressed i would have an OB but it would be one or two sores n the same spot. Recently lookin on here i discovered Propolis...@ the time of my OB i took two capsules 3 times a day and to soothe the pain of my OB i broke open 1 capsules of propolis, aloe vera, an tree tea mixed until it became a paste an put it on the OB. It seem to relieve the pain instantly.. An only had to put the paste on 3 times an by the next day the sores were gone!! Its been 3 mths now an no OB...An i just take 2 capsules of propolis every day. You should be able to find it @ your health nutrition store. I hope this works for others cuz its worked for me...I wish ya'll luck!

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does this really work ?


I just bought propolis 500mg the capsules I need help on what to do next asap.


So you just constantly take them? Even when you dont feel an OB coming on?

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