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my six year old spent too much time at the pool today and came home all red... was fine until right before he went to bed when he started crying that his back and arms are hurting... i tried vinegar and he started screaming saying it hurts even more and that 'it feels weird'. I wiped the vinegar off and went back to my old memories of childhood when my mother used to apply plain yogurt on my sunburnt areas... and i pulled the Face Greek Yogurt (unsweetened and plain) out and applied yogurt on the affected areas... fifteen minutes later, my six year old is laying on the couch, on his back (!!!) sound asleep... and the yogurt... it completely absorbed and what was still on the skin dried out almost like powder... it worked just like in the old days with me... :)

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Doing this now and the pain relief is incredible. The burn is bad though, I think I may need another coat.


Just tried this out for my 11 year old son! We spent the day at the water park. e is really burnt & me too, so I will be trying it out as well! He was very happy & said it felt awesome! I am hoping it will help with the healing as well as the cooling pain relief. Thanks! :-)


My aunt recommended this and I tried and It worked!

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