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My 6 month old was constipated for a week and a half from the rice cereal. She did not display any crankiness but was always sweating, had stinky gas, and was always sleeping. So I did child's suppository in small amounts for two days and that did not work, put apple juice in a bottle with filtered water which did not work so finally I read up on light Karo syrup and I put 1 teaspoon at the bottom of the bottle and pour two ounces of warm breast milk and then fed her the rest of the warm breast milk and within 15-20 minutes 2 weeks worth of poo came out. I was sooo happy. She did not indicate that was in pain as she emptied her bowels but the light karo syrup did the job. 5 poop filled diapers but a happy crawling baby was greatful for the relief

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I do this once a day since my baby started on formula. Recommended by doctor. U can also use molasses. 1 tablespoon to 8 oz bottle. Slow and smooth action every day.


I've had 5 children and I just always gave them prune baby food, and boy did it work!


My 4 month old granddaughter was also constipated to the point of crying when she tried to move her bowels. I gave her 1 tsp. of Karo to every ounce of milk (Dr.'s advice) in the afternoon and next morning she had a major blowout--without tears!


Our babies never had such serious constipation that they needed help to have movements. Well, our oldest baby's 4 month old had become constipated and we have tried other tried and true remedies (filipinos use Manzanilla oil rubbed on the belly for gas and constipation to no avail). We came across this remedy and as we already use black strap molasses for other reasons tried the teaspoon in 2 oz formula. As a precaution we put pants on him in case of a blowout, in 20-25 minutes he, in fact had a poop-tastraphy without any discomfort! Thanks for the tip.


Oh my gosh!! It worked!! My 19m granddaughter was in an excruciating amount of pain, she tried for 4 hours to have a BM- So I came online and read the Karo syrup remedy; I made a small cup of hot cocoa using milk, I added 1T of light Karo syrup to a small medicine cup mixed with the warm hot cocoa and within 10 minutes she was able to pass a small boulder!! Thank you!! I am giving this remedy to her mom!!


I has my first baby in 1990 and he was constipated a lot. Dr recommended dark karo syrup in his formula bottle. Worked like a charm!!

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