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My wife had a clogged eustation tube for appx one week. After trying many of the same remedies, we tried this: she put a drink of water in her mouth, I blew up her nose(hard) and she swollowed at the same time. Kinda gross, but it definitely uncongested her.

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Doing this can cause you to bust your ear drum. This is NOT a good way to deal with clogged ears.

Ingrid H

Well actually I had an ENT physician do something much like that. He put a tube with a squeeze ball on the other end, in my nostril, had me hold a sip of water in my mouth and simultaneously squeezed air up my nose while I swallowed. It worked and I wish I could find another Doc that did this technique as that one retired!


all I hv to say to that WOW


Wow!I tried ths and it is helping. I cn't believe it really is. I must say after spitting water out numerous of times I finally did manage to hold in the laughter. I will do this again Thanks!


This absolutely DOES helps clear out the eustachian tubes and equalizes mom actually used to do it quite often when I was a kid,as I had a lot of ear issues growing up...just be considerate and careful of how you do it of you go this route...and it is tough to not laugh.


I did the same thing except unused a nebulizer and put the tube in one nostril ehole closing the other. I turned on the nebulizer and once I felt the pop stopped it. I had to do it a couple times but eventually I was unclogged!!! I had been clogged for nearly a year!


wow it worked i am going to do it every time my ears clogg


My physician has done this twice when my ears clog. As I hold water in my mouth, he puts air in my nostril and when he blows I quickly swallow the water and it unclogs my ears.


can someone draw a picture? its sounds all very interesting.


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