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Do NOT skimp on healthy carbs. The Atkins diet is asking for a heart attack and numerous other health problems. Any good doctor will tell you it is horrible. Eventually you will break down and go off it, and when you do you will gain weight SO much faster than going off any other diet. Some good diet tricks are: go running and if you can sprint at the end of your run, tone the parts of your body you hate like you stomach, thighs and butt. So do sit ups or that machine the Ab Slider is really good if you start out with a little each day and keep at it. To avoid getting a really sore stomach do a backbend after you exercise it. For you butt and thighs, put your hands behind your head and crouch like you are going to sit down, then come back up to standing position. Do this repeatedly, or you can just hold the crouching position. Also whenever you are just sitting around flex you thighs or but or move your feet or something so you can get even more exercise in. Drink lots of Green Tea preferably organic and decaffeinated. And eat healthy, all natural foods, as much organic as you can. Dont eat white flour, and skimp on sugar fat and salt. and drink lots and lots of water. Ice water helps you burn calories because your body has to work to raise its temp again. Eat when you are hungry and eat until you are comfortably but not overly full. Have 3 meals a day plus one or two snacks. And every once and a while eat something unhealthy so you dont go crazy. Always eat whole grains instead of bleached flour and bran is wonderful too because when you s*#@ you lose weight. And bran cleanses your digestive system. Plus remeber that appearance is about 1% as important as tv would like to make it seem. Please dont become anorexic. I wish you infinite good luck and blessings, oh and sorry for the very imperfect english but its not a term paper. Rock on

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Sorry, but doctors do NOT know what diets work and don't work. I have had extensive interactions with them, all my life, and they DO NOT KNOW. If they say they do, RUN. They're listening to what the latest 'study' is, which is often based on less-than-stellar research methodology, not genuine scientific research. Like the research that pretty much establishes that the intake of SUGAR as the leading cause of high cholesterol and heart disease, NOT SATURATED FAT. NOT RED MEAT.

Why don't doctors know what diet is good or bad? Not everyone is the same! Not everyone responds the same way to the same type of diet! DUH! The best they can tell you is to control your caloric intake and to exercise.

As for the assertion that you put on weight much faster after leaving the Atkins diet, try again. I kept my weight off much longer and better than I ever did with the 'low-fat' diets, and most of the other people who have gotten off the diet have noticed the same thing. My cholesterol/blood pressure is still amazingly healthy, after all this time. Only those still deluded enough to believe still in the 'low-fat/high-carb' myth can't see what's right before their eyes.

We can see the effect of 'low-fat/high-carb' eating all around us. It's a disaster. It's done nothing to reduce any of the conditions it's claimed to 'cure.' If anything, that diet has exacerbated every major nutrition and health problem in America, from heart disease to cancer to diabetes to obesity. Nothing is better after it, and everything is worse. Much worse.

And, really, what is the Atkins diet, except the way people in Provence have eaten forever--and they have the lowest heart disease rates in the western world? They eat butter, cheese, cream, meat, eggs--they drink, they smoke. And they live longer.


And they would live longer if they didnt drink or smoke...hahah


Makes a lot of sense.... I will try this...

Juls :O)

both have a lot of good arguements to support their belief. I have tried all diets all my life. The only thing that I find is do everything in moderation. lots of fruits and vegitable some whole grains and some meat, nuts, eggs, cheese, water 8 - 10 glasses of water if you can! Water is very good for you. I went from 256 Lbs of fat women to 195 lbs of less fat women but very proud of herself and still fighting all the way. Lots of walking and hiking and swimming!

stay fit and laugh a lot get lots of protected sun rays!

Best of luck to you all. Happy and Healthy eating!


I have tried sooo many things... I am a sucker for the magazine headlines. What I found that works is just count your calories. I weigh 150... my target is 120 so what you do is multiply your target weight by 13 and that is what your calorie intake should be.. excersize a little everyday and eat a little from every food group.
I start with a bowl of special k in the morning. Have an orange for a snack, a salad for lunch, another fruit or veggy for a snack in the afternoon and then for super; meat as big as a deck of cards, carbs just as big and the rest in veggies... I also drink nothing but water or if i must , low calorie cranberry juice it is 40 calories for a cup and it cleans out your system. Taking a calcium suplement is also supposed to work too but i just started taking it so i don't know for sure yet. Make sure it is calcium with vitamin d added because it helps you obsorb the calcium way faster . Also you can't obsorb 600mg more of calcium at a time so take three a day with meals. Meals are needed to have something for the calcium to obsorb.. good luck to all of you


fat people suck, people that eat meat suck, i am so glad I am skinny and vegan!


You are very right i like what you said very much! Good job to who ever may have wrote this!!!


Highly sensible.Commendable


everything in moderation. yes americans eat way too much red meet but u should still eat it in moderation. also the atkins diet does work, what many people fail to read before starting the atkins diet is that you should also take supplimets. as long as the body has been given water and vitamins. your fine.


fat people dont suck,you stareotypical vedan bitch!!!!!!!!!

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