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Jimmy from NY

To completely satisfy the itch, use your hair dryer. Set it on high on the hottest setting and aim it on the itchy area. Leave it there until you feel it start to burn. Remove the hair dryer and the itch will be gone!

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This totally works!! Also, running hot water over the infected areas - although the hair dryer works better for hard to reach areas. Takes the itch out for 6-8 hours.


Wow! Really? I'm trying it later. (I just put some high-dollar anti-itch stuff on now, so I don't want to credit the wrong thing!


I tired the hair dryer and it made it worse. It itched like crazy. I couldn't stand it. :(


It will itch like crazy with the hair dryer for the first 30 seconds or so. Keep the dryer on it and then move it away- back and forth letting it cool slightly in between. The initial intense itch will fade and them it will stop itching the rest of the day if not completely. Worked for me:)


last night at 3:00 i tried the hair dryer-i had been to the dr's office yesterday and received a shot...i don't know how quick they work-but i was wishing i had sand paper last night-but i tried the hair dryer-and got much needed relieve. rash is still there-but better-planning on using the hair dryer again later!


Other than i must be a weird o, i tried hairdryer an it iches worse! I tried vicks, zanfel, prep h, benadryl, chrigger x, bakin soda, tooth paste, bacon, clorox, meat tenderizer an even went to dr an got predisone pills im in fire with posion its spreading..nothings workin i give up! Idk what else to do my dr said im havin an alergic reaction!


Rub white Colgate toothpaste all over affected areas and then low dry them on high! No itching at all! Just cooling sensation after for hours! Works like a charm

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