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I've had RLS since my teens and now I'm in my 50s. My condition was getting worse and quite annoying until recently when I have started 3 things that have removed the leg sensations. 1) drinking 4 full glasses of the 24oz Starbucks clear plastic water container a day 2) eating a very low carb diet and 3) I'm using a few drops on my lower spine of Natures Inventory for Restless Leg. If these turn out to not be enough at some point I will add taking 1 regular aspirin and having a bar of soap at my knees in bed.

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Stop eating Dairy completely try it for two weeks and your restless legs will be gone forever, that is until your eat dairy again. Just like a peanut allergy if a person with a peanut allergy eats one peanut they react same with a restless legs person and dairy, our bodies are allergic to Casein which is in dairy. I had RLS all my life but it is now gone. But has to be completely dairy free if you are desperate enough like I was take the two week challenge and prove it to yourself.

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