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I got red bug bites outside and i tried nail polish and that didn't help and neither did alcohol so I rubbed nail polish remover and it stopped itching.

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Chiggers 'OLD TIME WISDOM HERE' Happy to hear fingernail polish helped- But that's really 'mind over matter'- just does not really work- at least not for me or anyone I know.At my age of 60, yes, I have learnd a few thngs...BE sure to have a lot of this on hand plaind old rubbing alcohol -not the regular 70%- buy the large bottle of 91 or 92 %.the minute you get out of the field, tall grass,ect go to the shower. DO NOT TURN THE WATER ON! get the super high % of alcohaol & sqeeze/pour it on you starting at your neck, cover yourself with it-always start at the top(neck). If you already have a scratch or scab/sore- yes it will burn a little. It will get rid of the chiggers BEFORE they get settled in deep! I have used 3/4 of a big bottle at one time. But what is $1.50 compared to days of misery!You must -just keep it on all of your body, especially from the waist down. The after about 5 minutes of satding there soaking wet with rubbing alcohol, get the water as hot as you can stand it, get SOAPY/wet, scrub with a cloth from neck on down. shave legs if you can, but shave with RAZOR GOING IN THE DOWN [POSITION). ALWAYS do these steps from top to feet. You will ret rid of any chiggers BEFORE they get too settled on you.This also helps if you were too late & already have the bites in deep. Last resort: go to a dermotologist & ask/beg him to touch the bites with his lazor. WARNING:Whhen you leave his office go home & put COLD water where DR did the tiny lazor burn. Just trust me on this! Everyone should know that 'OFF' & other insect repellant MUST contain DEET! I used to wear jeans when working in the fields- not anynmore- chiggers just climb inside your pant legs-I wear shorts & used anything with DEET in it!

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