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Carrie, Missouri

I am HIGHLY allergic to PI. I tried EVERY product on the shelves then started trying home remedies. Bleach, rubbing alcohol, baking soda, everything I tried only gave momentary relief, if any at all. Then I saw a post about Vick's Vapo Rub... figured I'd try it, too. It stinks, is greasy, but it works... and for extended periods of time. I broke out on Tuesday, used Tecnu cleanser (you absolutely HAVE to remove the oil from the plant), and started trying things. This morning (Saturday) I wanted to scratch my skin off with a wire brush I've been so miserable with no sleep. I took a baking soda bath (only worked as long as I was in the bath), patted dry and slathered on the Vick's Vapo Rub. I immediately started feeling some relief. Within a couple minutes I was at peace with my skin. I stayed in my greasy stage for about 30 minutes (was afraid of losing the relief), then placed paper towels on my rash to 'soak up' the excess grease. I have much less 'weeping' of the blisters and hours of relief. When it just STARTS to feel uncomfortable, I just put on some more Vick's and go back to being in peace. The rash (in less than 10 hours) looks so much better.

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I tried your vicks remedy and it worked wonderfully!!! It not only stopped the itching, but the spreading. By the 2 nd application. It actually began to clear up. Amazing the effect the menthol has


i am also highly allergic to PI. i feel miserable with it, i haven't been to cross country in days!!its all over my face arms and legs i tried toothpaste the white kind and it didn't work plus burned when i took it off. i am now sitting here with vicks on my arms and neck and face and it feel amazing!!! thank you sooooo much i wonder if it dries out my skin? i already have oily skin soo mabey it will help


I got the ivyrest scub to wash it with when in the shower but it only helped intill I got out the omg the scratching war began again, but as soon as I put vicks on it after washing no itchin at all and it helped to dry it up, also I used icyhot roller with menthol and it helped when I ran outta vicks!!! Thank you

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