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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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a very scard owner

hi i was wondering if your dog can get mange at 11 because my dog is old and i thinks she has mange shes takeing out all her hair and can this hurt my dog? e-mail me at


some mange is genetic, but there is a type your 11 year old may have picked up. allergies can cause similar problems too, but this treatment can't hurt to try.


About 2 days ago a starving little stray kitty came around. We fed it, but I think it might have mange. Can I use this treatment on her?


hi well nobody ever answered about cats...... so i am going to try it on both my grown cat and my new baby kitten. i will post again with the results. my older cat has had this problem since she was a kitten and i have tried everything out there and nothing has kept it from coming back...... i will post again with my results. thanks to all you dog lovers for posting so i have it to try.


Hi i just got a purebred pitbull puppy last week from some people who were just going to shoot her. i couldnt let that happen, she is the most beautiful dog and has the sweetest disposition, the only problem is she has some of the worst mange i have ever seen, she was half-starved and i think the bath i gave her on the first day was her first bath ever, i am completely convinced about how ell this formula will work after reading every single comment posted, i have tile floors but i also have a lot of carpet, should i wash her blankets with borax and sprinkle it around on the carpet or......if someone could please let me know id be extremely grateful, i want so bad for her to get better so she can be a happier dog, if anyone could email me id appreciate it, my address is, thank u so much


i also have one more question , she has it on her face too and i know it shouldnt get into her eyes, does the vegetable oil really work as a protectant or is there something better i can do? will the oil hurt her eyes?


I found a pitbull and she has mange very bad. She scratches herself until dripping blood. I tried mange dip last night and this morning because I saw no difference. I am very sad crying. I will post in a few days to let readers know of any change. Thanks

Martin Woollard

Help, about to put our black labby down when i found this site. He's in a bad way and all the bloody vet want's is our £££ What is Borax or equilivant and sodium perborate. can i get them in the UK. Please help.
my email is:


whoever put test it on humans first on page 2 is retarded. i love animals. but im not going to go bald or possibly hurt myspelf severley when all im tryin to do in the first place is help the dang dog!
STUPID animals rights idiot.


Well, I tried this last night on a dog I rescued that I've been battling his sarcoptic mange for about 2 months now. I have been using a dip I got at the farm store that works okay. It's no miracle or anything. This seems to be working just as well. It does smell alot better, and isn't toxic! The stuff from the farm store was toxic if he licked it, so we had to wrap him up in towels and hold him until he was completely dry. This was much easier. Some of his sores are drying up, but some he's still scratching. I'm not giving up on this treatment though, as I see it has helped him some. I also spray a diluted apple cider vinegar on him almost daily. That has really helped him also.

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