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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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Terese & wilson

Our beagle was biting and pulling hairs out of his tail and at first we thought he had maybe been biten by a bug and brought him to the vet. He did a flea test thinking he had fleas but no fleas and so he decided he had an allergy and gave him a cortisone shot. The dog actually got worse. He scratched and bit himself like crazy all over his body and he lost a bunch of hair and scratched himself sore. He hardly slept so we hardly slept since he is in our room. I tried his solution on him yesterday-let him air dry and last night was the first night in about a week that we all slept. Our dog today is hardly scratching! Thank you so much for everyones comments and info-otherwise I may have not tried this. I'll keep you posted on his progress.


My percy pup has been bathed 3 times now in this mix I do it every five days. she has hair growing back now and doesnt scratch at all anymore. I am also putting anti fungal cream on all her spots at night before bed. Im so glad I found this sight it has really worked much better then any of the meds the vet has given. Matter fact i was suppose to use her vet dip again on the 20th and since i found this site and have used this dip I decided not to use the vet dip for it makes her sick. My pecy pup is still very happy!!!!! I recomend this dip for any pet with mange.. It works so well!!!!

Terese & wilson

I bathed my beagle wilson on tuesday this week and he was doing great! He did get out in the mud last night and needed a bath before he could be let loose in the house. I shampooed him and did another round of the dip mixture and he's doing great. His fur is looking so much better and he is scratching and biting less and its only been 3 days since the first time we did this. He's all around so much happier-he looks great & I know he feels better!


Well I tried it on my puppies cand it seemed to be working until they started rolling aroung in the dirt. Needless to got messy. I spoke with several friends and family and they told me to use motor oil daily. So I rubbed them down in the oil and their looking better. Not crying any longer. My cousin said that the oil smothers the little pest. Working so far. don't see any fleas either.


I am really excited about finding this home remedy but after reading through all 7 pages of comments, there are a few who would like to know if this can be tried on kittens and cats. And, if you are to leave the mixture on, what abou the cats licking it?
Someone please respond...desperate.


Hi everybody!! I am Lucky from Los Angeles. I just found this website this morning and I am ever so grateful to you guys for your imput. My dog Dyamond and I have been fighting this mange problem since she was a puppy. At 2 years old it has not disapppeared. I had taken her to the Vet and concluded they wanted to make a lot of money off me to treat her. I am sorry but I just don't have it to spare. I love my dog very much and would do anything for her. I have decided to try your remedy today. As a matter of fact I just finished giving her a bath. She is very calm right now and I will keep you guys posted on the outcome of her treatment. My question for you is how aften should I give her this treatment? Can someone email me with info. Thanks in advance!!

Terese & wilson

Wilson the beagle is doing great! Fur is growing back...the borax whitens the white part of his fur too! Its not completely gone yet. Make sure you get all parts of the body too. I didn't get the underside of his neck so well under the chin and thats where he is scratching the most at the moment-otherwise this has been awesome!!

Heather Taylor!!!!

I have a pitbull lab mix and she is biting and itching alot above her tail on her back and she is starting to lose her hair. my dad thinks its the mange and i cant afford to take her to the vet. So its either the mange or flea allergies so im goin to try this remedy from what ive read it seems to work ill keep yall updated!!


I used this mixture on percy once every 5 days. along with anti fungal cream that is 5 bucks at walmart. I just let her air dry after dumping it on her. it has been about a month and a week since I did the first dip on her and she looks to be all cleared up. so I have started using the dip about once every two weeks now just to be safe. and still using the cream nightly on the little spots that have a little more hair to grow. I also used this on my kitten so far so good....This is a great treatment. I recomend it to everyone that has mange trouble!!


I think my cat has the mange and I would like to know if we can use this remedy on her. Pleas email me at
Thank you

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