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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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Don & Jackee

Friday update on puppy. Looks like we have a winner here. No new bleeding or oozing sores and the current ones are healing. It may take a while for this, but if it continues like it is, it is well worth it. I will update progress in another two weeks. Jackee (puppy) says woo-hoo, I'm feeling good!


I have two St. Bernard Pups (4 mos) who just developed dermo mange - treatment from vet could be very costly so we're trying this method - I'll keep everyone posted on how it works! Seems like its working for other people who have posted here -so, I'll give it a try, too! Each pup has one bleeding, pussy sore (one on face, other on back) and red splotches on legs. Poor things!!!!! I've gotta help them ASAP.


i have a pit bull mother and 7 8-week-old pups. the mother is in terrible shape ever since we brought her back from the guy we bred her with. we poored H2O2 on her when she was pregnant. but unfortunatly after she had the puppies the wonds showed up again. no the puppies are starting to show signs of the mange. i will try this remidy and see how it works. i may have to triple the recipe.
thank you for the idea!
i like that it has hydrogen peroxide in it because as a science major i know it will work but i have been expiramenting to see if there was anything else i could mix with it to intensify it and your ingredients make sence.


I adopted a pit bull form the spca. he had demodemic mange and they had treated him but he needed something more. I had shampoo and conditioner from the vets...but it was not helping. I tried this method and it IS working. In addition to the treatment i am giving her some aloe juice in her water. her coat is shiny and no more itching!!!!


hello i was also wondering about how much of each ingredient 2 use, it would be greately appricated if you could e-mail me, at thank you


i'm just wondering if it is safe to be licked.


Approximate measurements are 1 bottle of 500 of 3% H2O2, plus 1000 of the cc of water, plus heaping 3 tablespoons of borax. Stir until most of borax is dissolved. The borax is past the point of saturation here so you will see some borax around. Technically the concentration is around 1.5% H2O2, and this is a bit stronger because by the time we finish with it, the H2O2 gets reacted with other things, and by the time we used it is is usually ends up near a 1% solution anyway.'

'You need to get put as much borax until it no longer dissolves in a pail of water and forms a precipitate. This is a saturated solution of borax. Add H2O2 to about 1% concentration to a pail of water Soaked the entire dog, several times. Keep the dog wet for some time. The borax will destroy the eggs from laying under the skin which causes the mange. Get some solution and spray or use this to wipe all floors so the dog will not get re infected. Repeat this every week when bathing. This is not a perfect cure, but it my dog now no longer have mange. My dog was completely cured. You can try other chemicals such as sodium perborate, which is more convenient since you don't need to add the hydrogen peroxide.'

'The solution (borax or preferably sodium perborate) is to be applied AFTER the shampooing and rinsing. The sodium perborate should remain on the dog after the bath. You will not rinse this at all. It must remain on the dog throughout the day so that it will act continuously on the bugs.'


Does anyone know if this can be used on my cat? When she showed up at our house a year ago we thought she was probably allergic to fleas and have had some sucess with certain cortisone and tea tree oil products. In my research I am wondering if she might have mange. We have six kids so taking the cat in for expensive treatments is not in our budget but I am willing to try if it won't hurt her. E-mail me at
Thank you

Busters Mom

I used this remedy on our Bassett 4 days ago and a few things have happened.First thing we noticed after the dip was that his bald areas looked really good, all the flakes were gone from rubbing him with the solution and sponge and his skin looked clean and soothed.Second thing we noticed was how comfortable he has been over the past 4 days and MUCH less scratching. Third, he smells much better. This is our first treatment and we will re-dip him again in 3 days. I hope we continue to see progress even if only a little at a time.
The solution we used was 6 gallons hot water, 1 large bottle Hydrogen Peroxide and just over half a box of 20 Mule Team Borax(I found it in the laundry section of the grocery store)we mixed it up and took a sponge and completely saturated the dog from head to toe. This took about 20 minutes and when we were done we poored the rest of the container of solution over him and left him to dry in the sun. Hopefully we'll continue to see progress but if nothing else he obviosly feels MUCH better since the dip.

Busters mom

2nd dip was today. Our Bassett has stopped deteriorating, his skin feels better (it's very obvious when you look at him) hair is growing back in the bald areas. So far so good, we'll keep our fingers crossed. I'll post again after the 3rd dip next week!

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