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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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I have used this remedy already twice. I have noticed a slight difference, but my dachshund also has seborrhea. I have noticed that with the two times that I have done this, he has not once itched or dug hard at his skin. So, yes I believe this works better than the shampoo that I have received from his dermotologist. I will continue to use this until we need to do it no more. Thank You for the helpful remedy.


Considering I use borax and powdered sugar with water as an ant poison, I certainly would never be comfortable putting Borax on any of my pets.


I have a 13 week old pitbull which was diagnosed with demodectic mange by the vet. The vet perscribed cephalexin which I did a little research on, and it seems to do more bad then good. I have used this this remedy instead, twice in two weeks. I have definately noticed a difference. Less scratching, skin is clearing up. thanx


For the poster who would not put borax on their up on Mitaban and you will change your mind!! That stuff is TOXIC.


This comment is for the ant killer. Ants are small and easily saturated with Borax. Animals are alot bigger and more resistant to the portions that are applied. I would only worry if the dog is slurping up the remedy as it were a meal. Everything is toxic to a point. You can't just ask the mites to leave.


This method seems to be good or better than the tea tree oil. I have used the oil and it can be suffocating not only for the mites but everyone around. It's not working because i don't use it because of the scent. Works well only when applied and an oxygen bottle so we can all breath. I will be trying the peroxide-borax method.


I recall taking Boron orally as a supplement from Borax and it didn't kill me. I'm still here. I think the pest control person was using sugar coated Boric Acid. Possibly confused.


I think your all wet on your mixing proportion,,,,when you buy H202 in the drug store, it is already diluted to 3%. If you are trying to acheive a 1% solution, all you have to do is pore in one bottle of H202 and two more bottles of water to give the 1% solution.

Mad Mac

Got my puppy back from others that wanted her with a severe case of mange with bleeding wounds and a nasty odor. Found this cure on the net and am trying it. It has been a few hours now, and I have noticed she is no longer scratching and chewing at herself. By the way, It's powered sugar and boric acid, not borax. My puppy is doing just fine so far and will update next friday.


Borax is available at Home Depot (not Lowes) and may be available st other hardware stores.

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