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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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I have a 5 month old Black lab/ German Shepherd named 'Kodi' She is such a sweet heart but received Demo Mange from her mom and litter mates.... It was getting pretty bad, hair missing, minor scabbing and red bumps, lots of itching..... we started the Borax treatment yesterday evening and we have only seen her itch twice since then! Praying for hair to grow back, we will redo the treatment this weekend.....


Week 3 after our first treatment on Kodi and her hair is growing back, very little itching, and the scabs have all dried up and the redness is all gone! We did our second treatment this evening and are looking foreard to more improvement!!!


Wow, my blue pit Jr was exhibiting signs of mange and i read on the website about the peroxide and borax treatment. Ive used it now for a week or so and have gotten great results. I actually started seeing a difference the very next day. Jr looks 100% better now, and for me the treatments are really working.


My SharPei was really bad with Mange. He lost all his hair and was pink and irritated and scratching and getting bloody. The medications was not working and even gave him a seizure once. We did the Borax and Apple Cider Vinegar mixture and it worked. One thing to remember, need to treat everywhere/everything he came in contact with before. If you don't, he will just get reinfested after you treat him. If possible, keep him in a new area (friends house) for 3-4 days so the mites in your area die without a host. Good Luck.


8 tablespoons of Borax (avail at Target and Walmart for less than $5)
8 ounces of peroxide (less than a dollar pretty much anywhere)
4 cups of warm water
Mix Borax and Water FIRST, then add Peroxide. Sponge the mixture all over your dog and use thicker mixtures for worse areas.
DO NOT RINSE OFF and let dog drip dry.
Most veterinarians will want you to try an prescription antibiotic and/or anti-inflammatory, but mange is tough to eliminate.
My spaniel has battled mange for over a year and this is the only treatment that has proved successful, let alone the ease of cost. Her mange was under her armpits, her chin, her rump, and her eyes. You can put in an eye lubricant to protect the eyes before carefully sponging around the eyes.
Takes 2-3 times a week in the beginning so grab some extra peroxide when you get it. As peroxide is also used to induce vomiting in dogs, your dog might vomit if they lick the mixture.
I also switched my dog to the BARF (bone and raw food) diet which has provided her with more protein and natural ingredients. I tried every possible food out there before the BARF diet, and find that the BARF one is cheaper, healthier and she enjoys it more. She went from pooping 3-4 times a day to once and no longer has the anal gland issues (filling) due to the fiber in the BARF.

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