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If your Dog has symptoms of mange or other skin condition use: 1% Hydrogen Peroxide mixed in water then add Borax laundry soap. Wash your dog with this every week for 2 months or until skin is clear. ALSO: DON'T WASH THIS OFF OF THE DOG, LET IT STAY ON!

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heidi smith

I know what all you parents to your dogs are going through, I also have a large dog who had mange, after spending thousands of dollars, The one doctor gave us the cure. Go to and order ProMectin injection for cattle and swine.(Ivermectin 1%) 50 ML for $27.54 for the generic. Give by mouth depending on the weight of your dog. My dog now has it again after three years and he weighs 107 pounds, I am giving him 3 cc every other day. It doesnt work overnight, but it will work.. I am not a vet... also keep your dog cool, maybe place an ice pack or cold cloth on the area for some relief. I also use this instead of the monthly heart guard... the same ingredients.


Tried the hydro & borax combo left it on him then covered with petroleum jelly,we're seeing new hair growth after only one week!!Time for next bath.

Sheri W

I have a rottie/great dane mix and ever since I adopted him from the SPCA back in 2003, he has 'allergies' as diagnosed by a vet who in turn also injected him in the hind quarter of his right leg with the steriods and he almost died on me. I was also instructed by the same vet that it was ok for me to give my dog between 8 and 10 benadryl pills to ease his itch. Guess what, nothing works for this poor animal and he is in rough shape. I saw an episode of Animal Cops on the Animal Planet and they rescued a dog with mange. He looked almost exactly like my dog looks so I did some research and it is my firm belief that this dog NEVER had allergies. He has hereditery MANGE. The vet never did a skin scraping so I have no official diagnosis other than the one I have made on my own. He is a very loving large dog for his breeds. I will be going to Walmart tomorrow and trying this on him. Again, I repeat that this is only my assumption that this animal has mange but I can clearly see that he is in total misery and the life that he leads due to this condition, whatever it may be is NOT quality. I am an avid animal lover and I hate to see him like this. And, like most of the people who lef the comments, am unable to afford vet treatments because of the hundreds of dollars that they charge for treatmnts that do not work or may work for a very short period of time until the pills or ointments are gone and then it becomes a vicious repeat cycle that is neverending. The dog hates the vet, and frankly, so do I. I am all for trying an inexpensive remedy before making a drastic final decision to free this dog from misery and put him down. Now, from what I understand by the comments that I can use the Borax as a carpet powder to kill the eggs. What I am curious about is, with mange comes ear problems. One of the sure signs of mange is the scabs that appear on the ends of his ears and he also gets terrible yeast infections down inside his ears. One thing the vet did give me that worked for THAT problem was Otomax. It is an ointment that you put down inside the ear and it really helps. How can I obtain this without going to the vet or what substitute can I use to help him with it? The dog can get very mean when you mess with his ears and I am the only one who can touch him to apply te ointment or even clean the ears. He has large flakes coming off the bottom of his ears and they stink to high heaven. Anybody who can help me??? All suggestions will help me dearly. Thank you in advance to everyone who posted regarding the borax/peroxide treatments!!


My cat is 8 years old and he has mange. I wouldn't have known it except for this website and pictures that I have seen of cats with it. He has had it for about 5 months. I bought some medicine for him online, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, he keeps getting worse. I had a very difficult time finding Borax, but found it tonight at SafeWay. I just gave him a bath in the Borax/Peroxcide treatment. I will update you later on if it works. Thanks everyone!!

Yorkie Mom

I looked all over for Borax, finally found it a small grocery store. I did look it up and found that the ingrediants are also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate thought that might be useful for those who cant find it.


How do you get the mange mite out of your house...I just bought a huge dehumidifyer, calcium salt, and all the ammonia and borax with peroxide I can....what really works...I have been trying to get rid of this problem for 6 months and we do not own an animal. All my items are bagged and I do a 6 hour cleaning routine a day...does anyone have any sure fire ways to clean this problem up...oh yes, I am also cleaning my car by piping the exhaust into the car as I heard this was a sure fire please


I'm trying the Borax, peroxide, plus the water treatment. Dogs doesn't scratch some much, her color is looking better. I've been using the mix about every 3 days. She has the black bumps on her stomach like a rash. It could be something else I'm not sure. I just know that the black spots,bald spots on tail would not go alway after going to Vet and spending a lot of money on this. I'll check back in a month to let you know if it went away.
HM/Dog Lasey


For those of you that are reading all these posts and trying this treatment with the borax,peroxide, plus water. If your treatment your dog for mange which is some kind of mite, don't you think it's wise to also treat the dogs beding and your carpet, the whole house as a act. I'm going to when I get a chance to bomb the whole house and also still bathing dog with treatment like every 3 days, she's been bath 3 times so far, scrathing was less after first treatment, but since she was still scrathing I thought it was a good idea to do it that often. Like I said in my other post her color is better,not as much scrathing as before, it was alot worse before. I'll keep trying this and keep you posted.
HG/Dog Lasey

Spicy B from San jose CA

This is the best solution to mange that i have ever tried. My 5yr old dobermain had very red and irritated skin. I took him to the vet and they procceded to poke, pinch and scrape the poor dog. They tested for thyroid conditions by drawing blood and doing a skin scrape. three visits and $500 later....nothing. The next thing on their list was a skin byopsy...(sorry about the spelling) which was gonna cost me another $300. They also wanted me to take him to see a skin specialist which was gonna be another $350....not happening. I started to do some research on what this condition could be. I finally set on the fact that it was mange. I heard about alot of baths and creams but not many people had positive things to say. I then came across this site and learned about the borax treatment. I was a little nervous about it but i went ahead and gave him the baths. Im about 4 baths in and he looks amazing. I highly recomend this treatment for any signs of mange. The mixture is correct. I use 1 bottle of poroxide and fill the same bottle twice with water. Then I ad about a cup of borax. I use a hand sponge for washing a car to apply the mixture and i just keep going till all the liquid is gone.


my jack russell has flea allergies, would this work for that, she is also pregnant. safe for her still? any help please. email me at

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