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RLS is truly a curse. I have had it for 10 years. I have no idea how or why it started.

I dont think the doctors really want to cure it. I think they just want to throw medicine at it. I take Requip at night and it works great. I have no side effects and I get a good night of sleep every night. I allows me to live a normal life.

Last year, I went to get my private pilots license. When I went in for the medical examination, I found out that Requip is a nonstarter. I was denied a medical certificate even to fly a Cessna 150 because of this medication.

The FAA does not publish thier ever-expanding list of prohibited medications, therefore, they dont give the reasons either. I finally learned that they believe it can make people fall asleep during daytime activities. That has not been a problem for me in 7 years of taking it, but they listen to the applicants.

The medical standards for flying are extremely high. What gets me is the federal govt (FDA) is approving thousands of new drugs every year while another federal agency is holding them against us.

I suspect that someday state driver's license agencies will starting following this model. We may start seeing medical standards for driver's license....and you will get to pay for it. It will be some grandstanding politician or bureacrat that will decide to push it. All medication takers will be riding bicycles.

We need to understand why some people have dopamine deficient brains which is the root cause of RLS. I have always believed it is diet related, but I cannot pin point a specific food or vitamin that works.

I do know that alcohol and caffiene are major contributors. For me, potatoes are big trouble too and so is any restuarant food with MSGs. I cut out all this stuff and it helped, but did not eliminate it.

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A very thoughtful (as in full of thought) comment.


I have RLS for the past 20 years and it continues to get worse, not to mention extremely annoying. I believe I developed RLS after having surgery and is a side effect from the 'ANESTHESIA'. I have always asked people who also have this annoying condition, 'IF YOU HAVE EVER GONE UNDER BY GENERAL OR LOCAL ANESTHESIA - and the answers are always the same, which is YES!!!
The doctors need to do more research on RLS and how it related to anesthesia.

I just wanted to share my comments with everyone on this site who are suffering from this condition.


Stop eating Dairy completely try it for two weeks and your restless legs will be gone forever, that is until your eat dairy again. Just like a peanut allergy if a person with a peanut allergy eats one peanut they react same with a restless legs person and dairy, our bodies are allergic to Casein which is in dairy. I had RLS all my life but it is now gone. But has to be completely dairy free if you are desperate enough like I was take the two week challenge and prove it to yourself.

Dave C.

I have ADD and RLS and have been taking Requip. I thought that occasional drowsiness uring the day was simply a lack of sleep. One day while driving I felt fine but suddenly realized that I had just awakened. I immediately got of the highway and my wife took over the driving. I examined all of the drug I was taking Requip's side effects listed was an irresistable urge to fall asleep or sudden sleep onset. I can no longer drive more than twenty to thiry miles without feeling like I am about to glitch out (something short of suddenly falling asleep). If I am tired
or have to go more than ten to twenty miles I have someone else drive or I stay home.

FDA approval of a drug doesn't mean that the drug is free of possible side effects. If the DMV were to deny me a driver's license because I am taking Requip I will simply no longer drive.

I won't drive at all if I had someone
that could drive for me. I have gven up all but activiites in my life except
intown daytime activiies--it really sucks.

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