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Hi Folks. I am a 47 yr w/f and have had RLS for all of my adult life and periodically since childhood. I thought I would share what I have learned after years of suffering.

1. I have heard that RLS mostly starts in childhood, but gets worse the older you get. For me this seems to be true.
2. Exercise will probably vary from person to person, but from my own personal experience, light exercise like walking for 5 mins before bed helps. 2 hours of hard aerobic exercise and or weight lifting will probably make it worse much worse. No matter what time of day you do it.
3. Alcohol seems to make it worse.
4. Acidic juices like orange and grapefruit juice may make it worse. the same with soda and coffee.
5. This one may seem strange but sometimes having my legs and feet massaged, actually brings it on.

The only thing I know that relieves it 100% of the time is:
AN ORGASM! Yup, thats right. While I have no idea why it works,(increased circulation???)it does... everytime. (works for period cramps too)
Warm or hot water baths work for me too, but sometimes if i don't fall asleep quickly enough, it will come back.

I take Ropinerole 1 hr before bed which helps a lot, but is not 100%. One side effect is sleepiness, so for those of you who suffer from daytime RLS (you have my sympathy, I mostly get it at night but occasionally during the day and don't know how anyone can stand to have it all the time).

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I thought i was the only one that would use that'unconventional' way to stop restless legs! i almost fell out of my chair reading that haha thank you!


WOW... I was starting to think I had some kind of sexual issue because orgasm seems to be the only way I can stop this! Thank you for your post. At least now I know Im not a freak.


And I thought is was just me. My RLS has been getting worse, mostly when I'm tired.

I tried to have a nap after work yesterday and my legs wouldn't let me. They were really bad. Then, I spent some quality time with my wife and my legs didn't bother me for the rest of the evening. Slept like a baby last night.

So there's definitely something to this.


orgasms used to work for me, but not anymore. The only thing that works is Requip around 8:00 or 8:30PM. I have to take it before the symptoms start. Unfortunately, it makes me very sleepy and lately (after taking it for close to a year), it's making me nauseous. Have to find a natural remedy.


yes an orgasm works for RLS. reason is that there is a connection between the lower half(pelvis) and the knees and the body fluid. u will find this fact mentioned in EAT LOVE PRAY hollywood film starring julia roberts. and i too accept it.


1mg Mirapex and 3 tylenol pm about 2 hours before planned absolutely perfect everytime unless under extreme stress such as loss of loved one etc at the time.


Can I come over and help u with that orgasom


Oh man, that is one surefire thing to make mine worse!!!!

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