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It's another waking in the middle of the night, 3rd in a row, thanks to the burning reflux. So I went online to see if I could avoid drinking the Pepto again. Read that it helps to eat rice, or rice cake, did it... not really any relief. Then drank the pickle juice...did it no help. Read to eat celery or an apple...ate the apple and I may have found the trick. I also read that chewing gum till the flavor is gone helps produce more saliva which helps to dilute the acid...lots of positive results on the gum...may give it ago if the apple doesn't work.

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I love trident gum- the xylitol helps clean teeth and keep them healthy and like you said great for reflux.


Acid reflux can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Things that worked for others might not work for you. You have to keep trying different things until one sticks. For me raw okra juice worked like a charm.. Please give it a shot. Make sure the okra are immature and small and also remove the seeds.


Yes, Trident chewing gum has been my lifesaver for acid reflux. No medications prescribed or over the counter even began to help. In fact,they made everything worse. It's been 9 months and if I stray from a sugar free, dairy free, gluen free diet, I'm a mess. So it's back to the gum. I also now started on 1/2 a Valium along with the gum. Tums (sugar-free) I use when it's really bad. They take the edge off the burning. I get very stressed when I feel so bad, hence the Valium!

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