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So after fighting a persistent patch of ringworm on the palm of my hand for 2 months with various OTC creams which didn't work, I was getting desperate. No matter what I put on it, it only seemed to make it spread. I was getting ready to give my doctor a call and request a prescription which I knew would be costly with no guarantee of success. Before making the call, I searched on line for home remedies and this one came up over and over....Absorbine Jr. I thought it couldn't possibly be that easy, but why not give it a try. Well, within hours of the first application there was a noticable 'drying out' of the patch on my hand. By the next day, I knew I had found the cure. It is now day 2 and the ringworm is virtually gone! I'll continue to apply the Absorbine for a week or so to make sure this nasty fungus doesn't return. And I will never waste my hard earned money on Lamasil, Lotrimine or Chlortrimazole again!

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I had a cat that had ringworm and after taking her to the vet and having a black light shone on her every day for 3 days (that's the only way you can see where it is on animals), a friend of mine said the dip a q-tip in pure bleach and rug it over the infected area and repeat this every 4-5 hours until it's gone. My daughter developed one from the cat on her cheek and I applied it to her as well as the cat and it was gone within a matter of hours. I told the vet what I did, and he said it works but is toxic. It was sure a lot cheaper!

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