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After breaking a tooth ( upper and lower molar) from almond in chocolate candy bar, I had suffered with occasional flair up of abcessed area of gum that was the size of a pea, this time after 3 days of taking 1500 mg extra strength excederine for the pain every 2 hours and eating 2 tubes of orajel, I found this website and read about 4 pages of home remedies. Decided to try crushing clove of garlic, holding it in place for about 5 minutes, then swishing affected area with combination of Garlic powder and salt, with warm water, I still have some twinges left in my jawline that pressure points may take care of but as of right this minute I am pain free and going to take a nap!

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Michaela (NZ)

I tried the clove of garlic, it worked for me and I feel so relieved. Thanks for posting this helpful remedy :-)

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